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Syd Hielema serves as the Team Leader for Faith Formation Ministries. His passion is to serve congregations in their calling to provide a sturdy spiritual home for believers and searchers of all ages. Before taking on this role in 2014, he served as a youth pastor, youth ministry professor and university chaplain. Syd married Evelyn in 1977, and they have three children and two grandchildren. They worship at Meadowlands Fellowship CRC in Ancaster, ON, where Syd serves as a youth leader, pianist, and occasional preacher.

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Fragile Beauty and Racism

A few days ago my daughter sent me an essay written by Kyle Korver, Utah Jazz player and son of an RCA pastor. As I read it, I realized Korver was not asking me to engage in a debate with him. I realized he was inviting readers to glimpse his own heart. 

Racial Reconciliation
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Jesus at the Sleazy Diner

To my great surprise, the musical food was more nourishing than the physical food. And I wondered if that Flint diner had some things in common with that stable in Bethlehem.

  • We also purchased it and have used it for devotions at home and in public settings. We find the language very refreshing, and it deepens our reverence for biblical teachings and narratives. I hope...

  • Thanks, Charles,for clarifying something I unintentionally seem to have left ambiguous. I agree: such discipling must occur with the parents' approval. I know that Carson's parents (not,of course...