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I serve the Reformed Church in America as Coordinator for Disability Concerns, working in partnership with CRC Disability Concerns.

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Being Remembered

Memory loss, the journey of dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease are among the most difficult journeys. But as individuals and the church, we can offer support through the act of remembering stories.  

Disability Concerns
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Hidden Preservative Revealed

In the toy aisle of Walmart, two of my special education students reminded me about being honest and forgiving. There, I was also reminded of this unsettling truth: our society tries not to notice people with disabilities.

Disability Concerns
  • Thank you for this beautiful and touching tribute to Ruth and to your life together, Ivan. You're a person of many talents and gifts! Reading this reminds me of times shared with you and Ruth at...

  • Thank you for addressing these issues in such a clear, straightforward way, Peter. You have named several important challenges that many of us have discovered but have not articulated as you have...

  • Steve, I can't say thank you enough to convey how much this piece touches my heart—and gets at the heart of what so many people with disabilities yearn and long for. (You could also be the poster...

  • I appreciate you and what you've shared here, Michele. Thank you for your ministry to Jack and to so many of us who feel lost and inadequate in know how to support friends who live with mental...

  • Thank you for sharing your story of depression, Sharon, and for capturing in words what your experience was like during those months. The description of the negative tapes playing over and over is...

  • Mark, thank you for sharing these very personal reflections about Dylan and the agonizing decisions you and Bev made. I've heard you describe the circumstances before, but reading it now brings a...

  • Ken, while personally I have many concerns about Donald Trump as president, even supporters acknowledge that he's made lots of claims and promises that do not include specifics, or that he's...

  • I try not to be a one-issue voter, but an issue like justice for people with disabilities makes it really tempting to do so. The statistics are startling.

    I am grateful for the leadership...

  • This has been an illuminating read in understanding some of the dynamics of anxiety and suggestions for how anxiety can be addressed and accommodated. Thank you Jarett, Josh, and Annika for...

  • Yes, please use it, Michele!

    BTW, even though the Network attributes the litany to me, I am not the author. I inherited it in my RCA Disability Concerns role.