Terry Veldboom

About Me: 

I'm a born and raised CRCer and have worked for the CRC denomination in financial administration since 1987. I'm also a church treasurer at Jubilee Fellowship CRC in St Catharines, Ontario. I am interested in facilitating a great working and cooperative relationship between the denomination and CRC congregations. That's why I value my position at both levels and the perspectives that each of them give.


I love all things outdoors; cycling, golf, camping, hiking, canoeing, and hockey, eh.
And where would I be without my wife, Yvonne and our five, most lovely daughters.
Together, we live on and operate a little orchard in the heart of Niagara's fruit belt.

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Property and Liability Insurance - Who Needs It?

Cost considerations aside, the topic of insurance in a church setting can be a hot one. Some have the perspective that “with the Lord on our side, who even needs insurance?” Some arrive at the same conclusion by taking a pragmatic approach, determining that the risk is just too low and the premiums too high to warrant coverage.

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