Terry Veldboom

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I'm a born and raised CRCer and have worked for the CRC denomination in financial administration since 1987. I'm also a church treasurer at Jubilee Fellowship CRC in St Catharines, Ontario. I am interested in facilitating a great working and cooperative relationship between the denomination and CRC congregations. That's why I value my position at both levels and the perspectives that each of them give.


I love all things outdoors; cycling, golf, camping, hiking, canoeing, and hockey, eh.
And where would I be without my wife, Yvonne and our five, most lovely daughters.
Together, we live on and operate a little orchard in the heart of Niagara's fruit belt.

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Property and Liability Insurance - Who Needs It?

Cost considerations aside, the topic of insurance in a church setting can be a hot one. Some have the perspective that “with the Lord on our side, who even needs insurance?” Some arrive at the same conclusion by taking a pragmatic approach, determining that the risk is just too low and the premiums too high to warrant coverage.

Church Admin & Finance
  • I would suggest an inquiry with Christian Stewardship Services and/or Barnabas Foundation (as the CRC partners with these professional organizations in this area).

  • Hi Karla,

    The purpose of the PAR brochure enrolment form is to ensure the administrator has the correct and complete donor and banking information and evidence of the donor's permission to...

    posted on: PAR Brochure
  • In my experience, there are many iterations of the treasurer role at local church levels. In some instances, the Treasurer is rightly seen as a corporate director and officer and as such is not...

  • To be eligible for the CRD, an individual must meet BOTH the status and function test.

    In the context of the CRC, status is generally met if the individual is ordained; minister, elder,...

  • I very much recommend becoming a member of the CCCC's, subscribing to their charity newsletters and accessing their Charities Handbook and other helpful resources.  The denomination, CRCNA, is a...

  • Thanks Pastor Jim and Pastor Colin for sharing your experience!

    Colin, you are correct that "housing allowance" is not really relevant in Canada in terms of employment, tax, and the Clergy...

  • As Melanie mentioned, the CRC denomination office hosts the PAR (pre-authorized remittance) program as a value-added service for Canadian churches. PAR is a no-cost, administratively effectively...