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Terry Woodnorth

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Member of Valley CRC in Binghamton, NY, where I am serving my fourth term as a deacon. Former CRWRC board member. Former trustee of the Center for Public Justice. Previous chair of Diakonia Remixed: Office of Deacon Task Force and the Task Force to Study the Offices of Elder and Deacon for the CRCNA. Employed by Columbian Financial Group in Binghamton, NY, as a software engineer. Attended Synod 2016 as a deacon delegate.

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Disabled and Forgotten - Capital Commentary

See Disabled and Forgotten by Michael J. Gerson. Putting people with intellectual disabilities at the center of our concern affirms that every human community is a continuum of ability and disability.
Disability Concerns
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StoryCorp story - CHARGE syndrome

Here's a StoryCorp story about a family with a daughter who had CHARGE syndrome. Giving Thanks For Two Bonus Decades Of Life And Love
Disability Concerns
  • From the Diakonia Remixed report:

    "Another related principle is that the delegation of deacons to major assemblies is not about equal representation as such, as if there should be some...

  • The Center for Public Justice in Washington, DC, has developed a new Political Discipleship curriculum that is currently being piloted. It is a curriculum for small groups that provides a...

  • But then there is Jesus' response to "Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth" and "Love your neighbor and hate your enemy" in Matthew 5:38-48. I would prefer to take my direction from Jesus who...

  • I found Mark Roberts' devotional Loving the God Who Loves Justice to be helpful in the context of this discussion. The words “justice” and “equity” are frequently found in Scripture in...

  • "Justice is what love looks like... in public." - Craig Greenfield

  • Chapter 3 (Built for Transformation - Creating a Benevolence Philosophy and Policies) of Corbett and Fikkert's book Helping Without Hurting in Church Benevolence will give you great guidance in...

  • Here's a resource I recently discovered - Halloween Brings the Mission to Your Doorstep.

  • I wasn't able to attend the webinar. Was it recorded? I do have the documents that were distributed.

  • You may want to use references to the 2016 version of the ordination form.

  • I really appreciate these suggestions. Might a corollary to "refusing to compete" be to "partner or cooperate with other churches when appropriate" (which probably wouldn't apply to the grocery...