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Special needs and disability coordinator

One of the greatest tragedies in the modern church is how poorly they do at reaching out to and accommodating people with disabilities and their families. Most people with disabilities do not go to church even when they are believers. This is not as much of a direct outreach position for a church but it is one that can lead to great outreach inside your community. This is a person in your church that looks after the needs of all adults and children with physical or developmental disabilities and their families. The main goal is to make sure that the church is able to accommodate people with...
Disability Concerns

    We have a disability coordinator at our church. It is their job to make sure the church is accessible to people with disabilities and to work with families to make sure that their...

  • My wife and I have worked with people with disabilities for over 30 years. We live in Washington state so there is not 50 percent of any group that goes to church. Our experience that less than 20...