Tim Luimes

About Me: 

I have been the pastor of Blenheim CRC since January 2013.  I am married to Cynthia and we have two beautiful little girls.


My interests include community theatre, board games, sudoku, crosswords, and cryptograms

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  • Hi.

  • To be quite honest, I would have a hard time delivering this kind of message in light of how so much of our Western culture which has changed the gospel message into a prosperity gospel. ...

  • Some churches in Ontario have re-opened with social distancing measures, I am curious as to how these churches are celebrating communion.  Specifically, I am wondering if there are any creative...

  • While I agree with much of what the article has to say, I want us to also stop and consider that the young adults who are leaving the faith from our churches also grew up with those same...

  • Really?  Fear of competition is going to restrict what God may be doing?  Isn't there one God that we're working for?  Isn't there really only one church?  Let's get past ourselves and look to...

  • Wow, Reggie!  You're a natural!

  • You make some excellent points.  I question the transition time-line from the perspective of financial management.

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  • I enjoy the network and the new look.  I'm also one who browses occasionally, but usually find at least one thing of interest.

  • I believe that ship has sailed some time ago.  Denominational loyalty is virtually irrelevant to young people today.  The comment about seeing what is said and what is done is so true.  This was...

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