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I work for the CRC as 'web guy'. But that doesn't mean I'm a coder (others are way better at that than me). I'm first and foremost a communicator, so what I love to do is look for ways we can better communicate as a denomination using technology. I get to listen for ideas that are out there, come up with a few of my own, and help them become reality. Examples include the Network website and the Digital Library. I also connect with the web/communications people for each of the CRC ministries. So if you have ideas for how we can better communicate using technology you can feel free to route suggestions through me. We WANT those ideas. I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba - go, Jets - but now live in Grand Rapids, MI (much to my surprise!). My wonderful wife is a CRC chaplain and we have three kids that keep us plenty busy.

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Welcome, Staci.

I’m thrilled to welcome Staci DeVries as The Network’s new Community Manager. In this half-time position, Staci is here for YOU - the members of this Network community. Here’s a brief interview with Staci so you can get to know her and her role better.

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Passwords Reset on The Network

Because of a worldwide Drupal security advisory, we recently cleared all user passwords. There is no indication our site was affected, but we took this step out of an abundance of caution. Here's how to reset your password.

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  • FYI, the denomination's annual Minister's Compensation Survey has asked churches about their 'Social Security Reimbursement'. It doesn't list how many churches do this, but it shows the average...

  • Ah, I see. I haven't used AWS Media Services. It looks pretty technical. My experience is limited to and similar services, where the streaming service comes with its own player that...

  • Hi Rita. What streaming service are you using? It should be possible to embed their player into one of your website pages.

  • Hi Bob - I wasn't involved in my church's evaluation of systems, but in the past I think I've seen some online comparisons of different tools. Hopefully some online searches will reveal those, but...

  • Sorry about that, Jim. We just launched a new CRCNA website and, in the process, broke the link. Thanks for alerting us. The file is now attached to this post.

  • Another tip...whatever online giving solution you choose, make sure it integrates with your church management system (or could be integrated in the future if you don't yet have a church management...

  • More news stories are appearing about churches that caused COVID-19 spread. Today the CDC issued this detailed study of one such incident:

    High COVID-19 Attack Rate Among Attendees at...

  • Just Because the Economy is Reopening Doesn't Mean Churches Should (from The Banner)

  • From Restrictions to Precautions: A Classis Letter On Churches Gathering Again (from Classis Georgetown)

  • I can imagine a lot of issues with that approach, and real potential for hurt relationships and harm to health. Do we pass the offering plate? Do we invite the kids up for the blessing? Will...