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I work for the CRC as 'web guy'. But that doesn't mean I'm a coder (others are way better at that than me). I'm first and foremost a communicator, so what I love to do is look for ways we can better communicate as a denomination using technology. I get to listen for ideas that are out there, come up with a few of my own, and help them become reality. Examples include the Network website and the Digital Library. I also connect with the web/communications people for each of the CRC ministries. So if you have ideas for how we can better communicate using technology you can feel free to route suggestions through me. We WANT those ideas. I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba - go, Jets - but now live in Grand Rapids, MI (much to my surprise!). My wonderful wife is a CRC chaplain and we have three kids that keep us plenty busy.

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Welcome, Staci.

I’m thrilled to welcome Staci DeVries as The Network’s new Community Manager. In this half-time position, Staci is here for YOU - the members of this Network community. Here’s a brief interview with Staci so you can get to know her and her role better.

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Passwords Reset on The Network

Because of a worldwide Drupal security advisory, we recently cleared all user passwords. There is no indication our site was affected, but we took this step out of an abundance of caution. Here's how to reset your password.

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A New Network Site

As you may have noticed, things look pretty different around here! Our site upgrade has been months in the making, and we’re thrilled to finally unveil it.

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  • Yes, I think most churches will need/want both a print directory and online (whether through their ChMS or a separate tool like the Bridge app, InstantChurchDirectory, etc). And I agree that...

  • I think our church recently switched from PowerChurch to Realm. But from an online search it appears that ServantKeeper can store photos and create print directories as well.

  • Good topic! Here's what we do...for a few weeks each year, we announce that we'll be taking directory photos after the service. Those photos are taken in a prominent location, so even those that...

  • Thanks for clarifying your comment, Eric. You raise some good points, but I do think there are pros/cons to either approach. I'm trusting that the 192 folks from our churches weighed those in...

  • It seems evident that the intent was the opposite of what you stated. That is, to expose and address the issue and not "keep it under the carpet". But to do so without giving the individual's...

  • Eric, If Synod 2019 chose to not name the pastor, we're going to take the same approach on this site. And, with how search engines work, Synod's decision seems wise. Naming and linking to his site...

  • Hi. Are you using a church management system (ChMS)? If so, I'd first look at what electronic donation systems integrate with it, and how their fees compare. The big advantage is then it's all...

  • If you're using a church management system (ChMS), check whether it offers online/recurring/text giving. If the fees are competitive, then doing it through your ChMS means no duplicate data entry...

  • Doug,

    You raise many issues. So last night I picked one piece - your citation of James Hansen - and spent some time reading up on it. And I have to agree with Tom that is seems you are...

  • Doug, But isn't the person you cited - James Hanson - in fact, a strong proponent of the legislation that OSJ is bringing to our attention? See: