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Todd Zuidema

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Pastor of Hope CRC, Hull, IA.


Husband of one wife, father of two children, pastor of a church on the prairie.  My hobbies include fitness and exercise, reading, and following trends in technology.

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Church Safety Video?

I'm looking for a good abuse prevention video to show to staff and volunteers who work with youth.

Safe Church
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How does your council and congregation go about selecting eligible candidates to serve as deacons and elders?

Perhaps the powers that be could also link/add this to the elders forum. I am studying and would like to write about the process church councils engage in every spring or fall as they nominate potential elders or deacons (depending on when you rotate officebearers). Part of the writing I will do will be a discussion about the positives and negatives surrounding the election process of elders or deacons. Some churches use the more or less "traditional" election process where the congregation votes on a slate provided by the Council. Others use the lot process, provided that they follow the...
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What are some best practices for filing sermons?

Just finished filing some sermons. It made me wonder, "How many people file a hard copy of their sermons anymore?" I'm wondering if I need to consider a well-backed up copy on my computer good enough. What are some of your practices? I currently: 1)File the hard copy of the preached sermon. 2) Enter the text, sermon title, date, location, series (if applicable), and some quick topic notes in a spreadsheet. Looking forward to hearing from some of you. Or else will listen to the crickets chirp as a wait.
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Henry, I see your name floating around here, so I am going to address you on behalf of myself and the church. Thanks for your wonderful work on the church order commentary. It is of great service to me and to the church as a whole. I do admit you have gotten me in trouble though. Did you realize that your commentary on the differences of council, consistory, elders, and deacons, in CO Art 35 seems to contradict the 2008 Manual of CRC church gov't, Art. 52? This came up in a recent discussion at our church as we reviewed our responsibilities. Take care, and regards, Todd Zuidema
Church Order
  • Thanks, Bonnie!  Very helpful.  I appreciate the resources.  The powerpoint presentation is a helpful overview to show to my leadership.

    I'm still wondering if there is a video focused for...

  • Adam,

    A great question.  I think you identify some of the key issues toward the end of the second paragraph. Also, you are correct about the "dual-citizenship." I'm not sure that any church...

  • How soon until these Millennials listen to us?!?  They are SO stuck in their ways.

  • We're just going to wait a moment until the people in the 'grown up' benches are able to be quiet.

  •  I always thought pastors kept cool stuff back here like the Israelites had in the Ark.  All I see is a glass of warm water, kleenexes, and a bunch of old bulletins.

  • Ed,

    Thanks for replying.  I guess you sense you struck a nerve with me.  It is encouraging and affirming to hear about your activity in your local church and community.  I apologize by...

  • Edward, I don't know how you managed to do it, but you were able to make service and engagement in the local church a political issue.  Congratulations.  That took some skill.  That said, if your...

  • Jim,

    I appreciate the post.  While I have not followed the lectionary through an entire liturgical year, I have found it particularly helpful during the seasons of Advent and Lent.  The...

  • Thanks, George.  I agree.

     I have commented previously on my opinion or read on what happened with the changes in our leadership, but I have never questioned the integrity of the BOT.  Even...

  • Call your regional BOT representative.  I did, and it was helpful.

    While staying within the boundaries of confidentiality and the separation agreement that was made with the EDM and the BOT...