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gardening, jogging, hiking, kayaking, reading, watching the Vancouver Canucks (even when they suck, like lately), local history

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Christianity Explored English Made Easy Edition

Has anyone used this version of Christianity Explored? We are using it for the first time at Fleetwood CRC in Surrey and are having a great time with it. Session 3 is tonight. Seven people are coming from all over the world--Burma, China, Nepal, Taiwan, Cambodia. Some of them are opening the Bible for the first time. Any advice to give us?
  • Fleetwood CRC in Surrey, BC is working on one.  We have an initial draft and are fine tuning it before we present it to Council.  Church Juice was very helpful.

  • Withholding oneself from the means of grace is a sign of significant spiritual conflict.  I would encourage the elders to help that person resolve this spiritual conflict first.  As an elder this...

  • We are hosting a Halloween Fun Night on Halloween.  Our church members create and host games for the kids in the church lobby.  There are about 15 games for the kids ranging from tossing a ring...

  • Every other year a nearby public school uses our sanctuary for their Christmas concert.  Their  gym doesn't work so well for them and they prefer a stage.  It's fun to see our neighbours and their...

  • I concur with the last comment by Jason DeVries.  It's time to get the Church Visitors involved in this matter.  A church council can't just dismiss a pastor on its own.  Classis and the Synodical...

  • We're using Doing the Math of Mission for our Council retreat this year, focusing on chapter 5.  I hope we have a fruitful, faithful conversation on how we can care for the future of our...

  • answer: in recognition of the public good they and their congregations perform.  If it weren't for pastors and churches helping the poor and needy, where would society be?  Who speaks at the...

  • I'll have to ponder all these things in my heart

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  • we don't have a worship service to stick to the rules.  We have a worship service to worship our Redeemer.  We rest in his completed sacrifice.  Sabbath is fulfilled in a person, not a day.  That...

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  • but Church Order serves the churches, not the other way around.  The practices change over time and the CO eventually catches up (usually by inserting the word "ordinarily").  I don't like to...

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