Tom Oosterhuis

About Me: 

Husband of Alyce for 42 years. Father of Matthew and Michelle, who are both married and living in Edmonton.
Born in Ontario, Canada. Lived in Grand Rapids (6 years), Nigeria (1 year), The Netherlands (8 years), Turkey ( 3 months) and my home is in Edmonton (34 years)
Retired campus minister.
Board of World Missions
Chair local church Outreach Committee
Chair Senate, The King's University College
Advisor to Camp Committee, Rehoboth Assoc. for Mentally Handicapped
Doctor in Theology (New Testament) from Free University of Amsterdam.


I regularly preach in churches in Edmonton and Northern Alberta. I love to read casually and in theology and history as well as to research the biblical text. I get out of my study often to garden or to shovel snow, both seasons having about the same length in Edmonton. In addition, I have been making my own wine since grad student days. My hobbies of stamps and coin-collecting have lain dormant for a number of years, but I still dabble in the hopes of finding time to do more.
Even though learning new languages is supposed to become more difficult with age, I still dream of learning to speak French, instead of just reading it, and to learn Spanish. In retirement, Alyce and I served a Dutch church in Turkey, and I would love to be able to speak to the Turks in their own language, and not just to the Dutch who live there.