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  • Jonathan,

    We're talking about CRT here, which claims that people of the privileged social order can be inherently racist even while actively attempting to be anti-racist. So even if Jesus'...

  • La Teoría Crítica de la Raza y el racismo sistémico correspondiente, si se aplica consistentemente, convertirían al mismo Jesús en un pecador y todos estaríamos perdidos en nuestro pecado.

  • Hi MJill H,

    I'm curious if you think that Jesus was "unconsciously racist" as a part of the Jewish social class and the systemic treatment and subjugation of the Samaritan social class?...

  • Indeed. I had actually wanted to use the word "elder", but didn't want to cause confusion with the church office.

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  • What Eric said.

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  • It has been such a discouragement to me in this thread, and other threads, to see older men in my denomination work so hard, through synodical wording or procedural loopholes, to try to make space...

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  • From the Executive Summary of the Human Sexuality Report:

    "We also conclude that this status is warranted because these sins threaten a person’s salvation. The Scriptures call the church to...

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  • Hence why Henry has to explicitly state that (for some reason) we CANNOT use Ursinus's definition of "unchastity", even though he wrote the Heidelberg Catechism.

    Because, as the report...

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  • "If Synod 2021 passes the recommendation that the church's teaching on sexuality already has confessional status - that statement in itself recognizes this teaching not in the pastoral advice...

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  • "All previous synodical actions on the matter are explicitly and tellingly characterized as "pastoral advice.""

    Exactly the problem, then?

    My hope is that somebody (from the study...

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