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Annual Home Visits and Small Group Participation

In working with congregational leaders, I often point out that the ultimate goal of congregational care is discipleship – helping people mature in Christ.  This too is the ultimate goal for the annual home visit, even though few churches do this well consistently. For this reason, some congregations have replaced the pastoral care activities of elders with an emphasis on small group ministry.

  • Thank you, Scott, for your thoughtful reflection. Of course God's will is not always done. Why else would our Lord teach us to pray, "Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven"? To insist that...

  • To evaluate a ministry, Jay, I would design four, perhaps five, diagnostic questions, assemble the stakeholders, and through a well-thought out circle exercise work the questions.

  • Which ministry evaluation tool to use depends on the kind of ministry to be evaluated. If the ministry is led by a paid staff, the tool to use will be different than one managed by volunteers....

  • There are no easy answers to Schuurman’s article about the deeply disturbing increasing use of Article 17.  However, a key to address the problem is to help pastors and office bearers conduct...

  • Thank you, Richard.  The best, accessible book on the subject is Lewis Smedes' The Art of Forgiving.  Forgiveness is giving up your right to hurt them back.  Reconciliation is restoring the...

  • Thank you, Neil.  As always, well-considered thoughts.  It occurs to me that what growing, vibrant churches have in common is - among other things - a focus on gospel-empowered life transformation...