Wendy Hammond

About Me: 

I'm the Church Relations Manager for World Renew (formerly known as CRWRC).

I grew up in East Martin, Michigan attending East Martin CRC, East Martin Christian School, and Kalamazoo Christian High School. When it was time to choose a university, I decided against Calvin because, you know, I wasn't going to be in a CRC bubble the rest of my life. So I attended Grand Valley State University instead. I'm sure God was laughing because shortly after graduation (1998) I found myself working for Faith Alive Christian Resources (then CRC Publications) in their marketing department. Five years later the Church Relations Manager position for CRWRC (now known as World Renew) opened up, and my life hasn't been the same since. My favorite thing about my job is helping churches develop church to church partnerships; it's humbling to watch one's understanding of church grow when seen through the lens of another culture. 

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Reflections on International Women's Day

Around the world, March 8 is celebrated as International Women's Day. I have spent the week looking at women in the Gospels, to have a stronger understanding about the Biblical view of women

Global Mission
  • One ministry that could not survive without its faithful retired volunteers is World Renew's Disaster Response Services!

  • Similar to Jim, I'm also curious to see how churches are reaching out! In today's culture it can be very intimidating to get people in the door without building a relationship first. Any community...

  • Thank you for bringing these broken links to our attention! Here is the updated link for the Ulungu video and discussion guide:

    posted on: When Helping Hurts
  • For questions about the reasons behind World Renew's name change, please see this document. 

    Also note that while World Renew is an official agency of the Christian Reformed Church, we do...

  • Great post! For further reading, this post from 2011 has additional ideas: Vacation Bible School as Missions. 

  • Perhaps it's time to evaluate where your church's gifts and passions and interests are in the area of missions. Finding a focus can spark new interest and help ensure that your dollars are being...

  • Eric, you are correct that if you go back that far it is a multiplication. I do think that you need to take into account that the "staff" listed includes fellows and part timers and interns. ...

  • This is why online "conversations" are so difficult. Speaking past each other, not being able to clarify in real time.

    - is ministry really attached to the congregation / church? What about...

  • Aside from being a huge breach of donor confidentiality, I think this is a rabbit trail. Most donors give to several causes. Inside and outside of the church. And they could give more. Seriously,...

  • I agree that the local church is where ministry is supposed to happen. But are not all Christians supposed to do ministry? Therefore wouldn't it follow that the denominational office is also the...