William Steele

About Me: 

I have retired from service as a cross cultural church developer with Christian Reformed World Missions, and taken early retirement from ministry in the CRC.  My wife, Diana, and I are currently living in Seoul, Korea, where Diana is teaching, and I am seeking work. 

We are near our son, Liam, and Korean daughter-by-marriage Rachel (He eun), and our grandson, Evan Onyu. We feel incredibly blessed after being separated for 13 years to be near him (and now, them).


reading theology (I'm intrigued by T'F. Torrances writings right now), the socio-cultural, political and economic address of the Gospel, the Korea Times; watching BBC News on t.v.; listening to a variety of kinds of music from classical, to Folk Rock, to Celtic Rock, to Oreintal composers and musicians, to African musicians, to New Age instrumentals; dialoguing with friends and Liam on Facebook; helping take care of my year old grandson.