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Praying in Color for Advent

Looking for a way to participate in Advent in a meaningful way? Maybe with your children? Maybe just yourself? These 2017 Advent Calendar Templates are unique and free —just print and use.

  • Thanks, Allen. Sounds like an awesome ministry you have there in Niagara Falls. I appreciate your intentional connection to the community there. I'd like to hear some of that blues music! -Diane...

  • Hi Kristina, thanks for your comment here. We do apologize for the big volume changes in this webinar on youth and worship with Dr. Eric Mathis. We aren't sure why this problem was so pronounced...

  • We've done webinars using the Zoom conferencing.  We've found Zoom to be quite reliable and easy to work with. One of the best pieces of advice I have is to do a practice webinar at least one day...

  • This is an interesting observation, Hetty. Maybe people can send in pictures of their manger scenes or creches in their church if they have them. I don't think there would be any reason for CRC...

  • Yes - here's the link to the next two and the sign up links. Please join us!  (if that link doesn't work - go to our website -  Visual Arts is on November 8 at 3pm EST, and...

  • Steve - yes! We will be recording the webinar and will post it on our Worship Ministries website several days after the webinar takes place. That way many more can take advantage of the learning...

  • We'd love to hear what you think - pros and cons.