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Can You Hear Me?

157 volunteers and tech leaders attended Church Sound Bootcamp, a two-day event that covered any and all questions related to audio equipment. Learn more and consider joining in the future! 

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Pulling Out All the Stops

Sound and light in worship services excite our God-created sensory systems. While some worshipers welcome them, they could make others uncomfortable. Barb Newman shares some ideas on “sensory friendly” worship environments.

  • Yes. Email [email protected] and I'll make sure you get a copy.

  • So happy and thankful for your mother-in-law's new heart. Amen to your thoughts here! Thank you for this beautiful piece.

  • Yes - my church (Friendship CRC) has many of their programs meeting on Wednesday evening - Gems, Cadets, senior choir, praise team, and various fundraising suppers. Seems to work well.   (Diane...

  • Hi Renee - they are attached now. (I was having trouble getting all of the files to attach to the post at first). They are great resources.

  • Yes, thanks for those prayers and encouragement for worship leaders, planners, and participants! It is so important.


  • Ruth Ann - what a great idea to have a round-table 'locally'. I'd love to hear how that goes! Maybe it will inspire more worship leaders to do that. There's nothing better than just sitting around...

  • I love my time in the car each morning listening to music.  This morning I was touched and inspired by the songs "Counting Every Blessing" by Rend Collective and "First" by Lauren Daigle.   

  • Thanks for your question, Jeff.  There is a large selection of instrumental music available for Lift Up Your Hearts hymnal at, click here.    Select the song, then go...

  • Loads of other free resources at  To find them type "Reconciliation" into the search bar at the top right corner of the page.  (You may be asked to register but all you need...

  • Hi Melanie - since no one has answered your question here, why don't you try the Worship Ministries Facebook page? There are several hundred CRC worship people there who are quite actively engaged...