April Tech Arts Gathering/Planning Session Hudsonville, MI


I posted this at the bottom of a thread with no response so I am trying a new thread which will maybe make it a little more visible and to see if anyone's interested yet in this:

For anyone interested in meeting to discuss ideas and help plan the future of any gatherings and/or training, please either post here or email me at thestaals@sbcglobal.net.  I would like to pick a date in April sometime to meet at Evergreen Ministries in Hudsonville.  I am just throwing out a few dates - please post which dates DO NOT work for you so I can pick a date.  Monday Evening April 18 or 25

Thursday Evening April 21 or 28

Saturday Morning or Afternoon April 16, 23, or 30

I added Arts to this because I really feel that just "tech" doesn't convey the fact that we really want to use technology in ways that bring beauty to our worship, not get in the way of true worship.  It would also be great to introduce more artists in our denomination to the digital mediums that are available for them to explore.

Thanks everyone and I can't wait to meet some of you.

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I will be in Grand Rapids the afternoon of April 30. Living in Ontario doesn't make it possible for me to attend any other time.


Sorry, I'm on the west coast, but I love it when we use our resources/gifts for the Kingdom... last year, my kids and I went around our community taking pictures, then our 10 year old son and I put those pictures to the song "God of this City" - the Bluetree version (Chris Tomlin also sings it).  We had so much fun doing it together (he loves any chance to use the computer).  I think we used microsoft movie maker, and he really worked on getting the timing of the pictures to match the music.   My prayer is that God will help us spend more of our (believers') time on the computer for Him; re-directing us from non-Kingdom, non-eternal activities- the hay, wood and straw (like computer games) into eternal Kingdom treasure - the gold, silver and precious stones (worship oriented focus) (I Cor.3:9-15).


ps...I don't mean that we spend more time on the computer, but that what we do on the computer is more for Him...hope that makes sense.


Hey...we could try a virtual type tech meeting...check out this virtual choir...wouldn't this be awesome to do as a CRC group with members from all over the world connecting in harmony for worship and praise?  so this is my contribution to your gathering...


if the link doesn't work, probably just type virtual choir in your search engine and it will bring up the you tube video (yep, the first 10 hits were about eric and his choir)...I'm sure you techies are smart enough to figure it out!!  Enjoy...

This sounds like a good idea...I've never done web conferencing before, but after a google search I found join.me, an (free) online conferencing host of sorts.  Perhaps this is something we would like to pursue.  Everyone should prepare information about a specific practice or technical investment that has benefited the quality of their church's worship, as well as a (specific) question dealing with a technical area in which their church may be struggling (sermon recording, graphic art, etc.), then open for general discussion/roundtable.  This is an idea of something concrete we could do to benefit each other as AV dudes, but again, I'm not familiar with web conferencing, or how much planning has been done as to the content of this meeting, feel free to correct my ignorance.  If we do something with April 30, I won't be able to make it (that's okay, I don't want to hinder others), whether web or Hudsonville.  Some ideas to think about...

I have to be honest that I am not familiar either with web conferencing - but it doesn't mean we shouldn't try it.  It seems as though that may be the best way to go as it doesn't seem like many can make it in person at the same time.  I will do some research on this and post again here soon as to what I find. 

Scott -Not a lot has gone into the planning yet, I have just tried to see how much interest there is.   I think your ideas are right in line with what I am thinking.  Probably none of our churches has a huge budget for tech and media, but if we are able to come together we can hopefully bless all our churches and strengthen our ministries.

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While I commend you for exploring the possibility of web-conferencing further, I would still like to see something like this offered at the Calvin Symposium of Worship which is held every January for an in-person session. Worth pursuing this option as well?

Hi Wendy and others,

We'd love your suggestions for specific technology-related workshops for the 2012 Symposium on Worship (Jan. 26 - 28). The conference program is being planned right now....so very good timing!

I quickly scanned the last three years of Symposium to see what we offered:
Wise use of social networking technology in your worshiping community
Projection imagery (thanks, Wendy :)
An iPod b/c iPreach
Using video projectors wisely
Branding beyond the logo (church websites)

Conversations between worship leaders and worship technicians
Projection for worship: design + opinion
social networking (repeated in 2011)

Multi-media preaching: body, voice, sound, screen
Using digital imagery in storytelling liturgy and preaching

Feel free to email me or worshipsymposium@calvin.edu with ideas and presenter names, and I'll pass them along to our planning team.

Kristen Verhulst, Symposium planning team &
Calvin Institute of Christian Worship




Wendy - I agree with you 100% - I personally think it would be terrific if the Symposium had more digital media and tech type offerings, but I am not sure how to make this happen since I am not familiar with the people planning that event or if they are even wanting to go in that direction.  I believe a while back I saw that you gave a class at the Symposium - what was your experience and are they looking to bring more of those types of classes? 

Please feel free to email me at thestaals@sbcglobal.net if you want to discuss this further.

Well, I'm sure you've noticed April has come and now has almost gone.  Figured I should at least post an update here....I did not get many responses within West Michigan andI was caught off-guard with the number of responses from outside of West Michigan and I have not taken a lot of time to research a web conference solution.  I think a couple of the free options are limited in the number of participants which would probably be ok at first. 

So for now I want to make sure you are aware that I am temporarily shelving this idea and I will start another topic if I come up with a web based solution and of course if any of you have familiarity with this, please do not hesitate to share.  Thank you.

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