Is Choral Music on a Ventilator?


I had a conversation yesterday with our congregation's worship director. He is quite disheartened these days over the future of live choral music in general and, in particular, in a worship setting.

As a member of our church's choir, I have missed group singing and have some anticipatory grief that it might not return. This would be a huge loss! The thought of group (choral and congregational) singing, when social distancing and wearing masks, leaves me cold. 

Dr.  Ezekiel Emanuel, co-developer of the Affordable Care Act, said that we may be entering an era where corona viruses are a regular occurrence. If not COVID-19, something else. We are told to "...sing to the Lord a new song..." (Ps 96).

What will this look like? This possible reality will greatly challenge the church and worship coordinators. Where might there be some hope here? By the way, my last experience listening to live choral music was a concert presented by the St. Olaf Choir.      

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I kid you not, I am listening to the St. Olaf Choir right now! I went to it on Spotify a few minutes before opening this post. 

Anyway...I've been wondering the same. Singing is life giving, healing, and fun! I can't imagine not singing with people.