I Am Looking for Ideas for a Dedication Service for a New Church Building?


We are planning a dedication service for our new sanctuary/church we are looking for ideas from others that have done this in the past what has worked and what has not.

Thanks in advance

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This is a little different, but when we dedicated our 'House of Servants' next door to our church, we ended the service by going outside and holding hands to form a circle around the house. The pastor spoke a prayer that was repeated by a few people strategically placed so everyone could hear. That may or may not work in your situation, but it was very meaningful.


We had a dedication for our building renovations this past January. We used the following litany and prayer. The litany was adapted from one I found on-line, and the prayer was written by our pastor. Please feel free to use and adapt as needed.

Litany of Prayer and Dedication


O give thanks to the Lord for He is good!


His mercies endure forever!


We are grateful to have come to this day, a day to celebrate what YOU have done.


We thank you for the beauty of planning and design.


We give you praise and glory for guiding this project from start to finish; for so many evidences of your Hand.


Your people have served You as they have served others, Lord.


In your timing, Lord, you have provided for Grace Community Church’s ministry so we can minister more effectively.


You have provided future and hope! How can we keep from singing your praises?


We dedicate the prayer room, a place of quietness and serenity where all are welcome to pray.


Thank you, Lord for the prayer room and for all of the prayers offered within it.


We dedicate the handicapped accessible restrooms, which allow for increased participation in worship, fellowship and church activities among those who struggle with physical limitations.


Thank you, Lord, for reminding us of the welcoming nature of God’s Kingdom.


We dedicate REACH youth group room and storage areas, which allow us to create an environment of hospitality to all.


Thank you, Lord, for the REACH group, for their leaders and their energy and desire to serve you.


Lord, you are the giver of all good gifts and we pray that you would be glorified in all that is said and done through the people of Grace Community Church. As the psalmist said, “Not to us, not to us, O Lord, be the glory.”


Not to us but to You! Thank you Lord!


Living Lord, 

We have much to be thankful for.  There are people who have given freely and have spent hours in meetings to evaluate plans, to secure trades, to meet with public officials, to remove appliances, to nail studs, to sweat pipes, install conduit, attach drywall, lay tile, paint walls, pull wires, and mop floors in order to make this day real.  For the tens of people and the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars that stand behind this project, Lord we give you thanks.

Holy Spirit, you gave us a dream born out of deep faith in you and a broad vision for advancing your kingdom here in this community.  Lord Jesus, this physical building we are beginning is the concrete block and plumbing that supports that vision in our hearts. We pray that this will be a place for the gathering of a community busy nurturing a Bible based vision of life is instilled in the hearts of people of this community for the years to come.        

Heavenly Father, we thank you for the safety you have given to all who worked here and thank you for the wisdom to those who lead this project.  We thank you for all who gave of their money and time.  We pray that this may be a Bethel kind of place, where wanderers meet God, where we witness to your truth and grace.   

Hear us now, we pray, in the name of Jesus,