Suggestions Needed for a Baptism Service Where One Parent is Professing Member and One is Not


I am wondering if there is a place on The Network that gives suggestions on how to do a baptism service where one parent is a professing member and one is not?

I'm looking for a question worded to the non-professing parent asking for their support and love as the other affirms their faith and brings forth their child for baptism.

Thanks for ideas!

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I have done this by simply asking the non-professing parent if they support this decision.  I also explain that as parents both of them have a role in raising this child.  Obviously, this is something that needs to be discussed ahead of time with both parents.  If either one has an issue with it then you should talk about it before the baptism.  So far every time I have done this it has worked well.  I don't have specific wording for this question because I have never written it down but I think that you have the words in your request.