Worship, Can I Be Included?


The free online webinar Worship, Can I Be Included? with Josh Friend is now available. Included in this webinar are suggestions for being inclusive in your worship service, as well as ideas for holding a service especially for those with special needs. Share it with your worship teams, pastors, worship committees, and anyone who will benefit from learning more about leading worship that includes all people.

Additional resources:

Books recommended on the webinar:

From CRCNA Disability Concerns:

From CLC Network:

  • Free Resources to Welcome Persons of All Abilities At Church This Fall

From Reformed Worship:

From the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship:

Josh Friend is also a featured blogger with Reformed Worship, and his blogs can be found on the reformedworship.org website.

Worship, Can I Be Included? with Josh Friend

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  You seem to assume that all the people you worship with have profound intellectual deficiencies.  Do you also have people with mental illnesses attending the Thursday service?

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 For subsequent webinars, could you make sure that the volume is constant?  I found it difficult at times to hear the interviewer speak, and I have a 30% hearing loss.  It's as though she wasn't speaking into her mike when asking questions.  And I never found the box in which to write the questions.