Worship Peer Learning Groups Forming


You are invited to join or lead a worship peer learning group this fall! Worship Ministries is excited about these groups and offers support by providing study books. 

What is a Worship Peer Learning Group?

A Worship Peer Learning Group consists of of 3 to 5 persons involved in leading, planning, or participating in worship in the local church. These groups can be made up of individuals from the same or different churches, meeting in person or electronically, to study and discuss a chosen book on worship.

Join with other Worship Leaders/Planners/Pastors in your area, or start a study group with your Worship Planning team or committee at church. Encourage the youth leaders to form or join a group or engage your Adult Education class in a Worship Peer Learning Group study. 


Our goal this year is to have at least two online discussion groups. We’ll do the work for you by setting up the meeting through Zoom conferencing and sending each member a link. Group members can simply click on the link to join the meeting. If you’re interested in leading or participating in an online group, please let us know.


Worship Ministries has chosen three books this year dealing with different aspects of worship. You may choose the one that fits your needs or an area you’d like to grow:

  • Authentic Worship in a Changing Culture, written by Duane Kelderman along with Worship Study Committee. This book is a popular, expanded study of the report to Synod 1997 of the Christian Reformed Church. The book helps readers understand the dynamics of biblical worship in our changing culture and includes discussion of the current forces affecting worship, as well as the theology and dynamics of worship.    
  • Let the Children Worship, by Jason Helopoulos, is a resourceful book offers biblical wisdom and practical suggestions that encourage congregations to include children in the worship life of the church. This valuable resource will generate important discussion about children and incorporating them in worship.
  • Worship Quest: an Exploration of Worship Leadership, by Steven D. Brooks, serves as a guide to understanding foundational questions about worship and leading in worship. For those called to lead in worship as well as those tasked in hiring worship leaders, it is important to understand the roles of worship leadership. This book helps readers understand the different worship gatherings and the various roles of worship leadership, and thus successfully fulfill God's call of leading in worship.

To convene a worship peer learning group:

  • invite people to your group,
  • choose one of the books above,
  • let us know how many are in your group and we will provide you with the books for study.

Peer Learning Group conveners will be offered a free registration (one per group) to attend the 2020 Symposium on Worship at Calvin College taking place January 30 to February 1, 2020. 

Groups will begin forming now. To get started, leave a comment below, email us at [email protected], or call (877) 272-6202. 

Comments from former Peer Learning Group participants:

  • I really enjoy leading book studies because it allows me to dive deeper into the book than I otherwise would. Talking with fellow worship planners is both cathartic and energizing - we understand the frustrations and blessings of the job and can share it in a way that cannot be done with those who haven't planned worship in a church. -Rachel Bouwkamp, Grand Rapids, MI
  • As a worship leader, this book felt dignifying. Through it, I caught a vision for how impacting my role is and can be. My pastor also liked the book and felt it helped him understand how to explain to others the significance of their roles and how they can do them well. -Jacob Langstaff, San Francisco, CA
  • The 'self-evaluation' of our own church practices was extremely beneficial. It was good to hear the different creative ideas that sprang forth from our discussions as we discussed different chapters/sections of the books. Some of those ideas have already been implemented and some will no doubt be implemented in the future. -John Knoester, Mt. Vernon, WA
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I've led two "peer learning groups" so far, and I highly recommend it!  Such a great way to intentionally meet with other worship folks from your church and discuss the deeper things of worship.  We get "caught up" in the weekly, detailed, nitty-grind grind of worship planning... the book study allowed us to step back and ponder the "why" of worship.  Do it!