Worship Spotlight: What a Mighty God We Serve!


Note: We are going to start a new series on the Worship Network page called Worship Spotlight. By sharing our services and stories we not only inspire each other, we show the beauty and richness of the many expressions of worship we embrace in the CRC. Feel free to post your own worship service or story, just remember to put “Worship Spotlight” in the title. Include pictures or video if possible. Our first Worship Spotlight is from a summer worship service at Madison Square CRC.

As we walked into the worship center at Madison Square Christian Reformed Church, the gospel choir had just finished its rehearsal and was praying for the Holy Spirit to be present and active in the upcoming service. The worship space was being dedicated to the glory of God, and the air was filled with a sense of holy expectation.

A few minutes after we found a seat, one of the members of the worship team came up the aisle with a basket of hard candy and extending it to us with a smile, he asked, “H’orduerves”? Such a simple gesture did so much to make my husband and I comfortable.The candy man made us feel at home.

The congregation of Madison Square is diverse, and the choir’s prayers were answered as the service flowed with the Spirit-filled leading of the worship team and gospel choir. Even at the early (9 am) service there was a freedom to raise hands in praise, or not. Young and old enjoyed the freedom to sit, to stand, to kneel at the altar, to dance, wave flags, or to stay in the pew. And then a holy moment broke out. As the musicians were done with their part of the service, and just before the sermon, the simple worship chorus, "What a Mighty God We Serve", spontaneously broke through. This video clip shows a brief moment of the leading of the Spirit as several gospel choir members and pastor Darrell Delaney let the Spirit flow.

Pastor Darrell preached a moving sermon of reconciliation and peace through Jesus Christ using Ephesians 2:11-22. You can listen to the sermon here.

Praise God for the many, many beautiful and diverse ways the Christian Reformed Church gathers and worships!

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Thanks for this article, Diane!  And thank God for Darrell Delaney, my new friend since Synod - gifted preacher, and articulate spokesperson in deliberations.