Youth Director Installation Liturgy


I had a pastor from a Christian Reformed Church ask if I had a liturgy in my back pocket for installing a new Youth Director during an upcoming Sunday service. After looking through our current resources (and finding nothing) and asking current Classical Youth Ministry Champions if they had seen anything that could be used (they hadn't), the well seemed dry.

Since then, I have crafted this Sample Youth Ministry Installation Liturgy for our purposes. Please feel free to use it as the need arises! 

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That's really lovely, Ron. When I was commissioned, I was especially blessed by my pastor imploring the church to pray for me, and the invitation for my family and office bearers to lay hands on me during the closing prayer. 


Hi Anna. That picture of invitation is a lovely way to wrap up the very special moment. Thanks for sharing your experience Anna.

Thanks for this.  I have a similar "commissioning" liturgy for when I started at CrossPoint CRC as the Worship Ministry team leader.  I would attach it, but I am not seeing how to do that :-( 


Hi Ruth! What a great resource. Is the liturgy for Worship leaders? If so, perhaps we could publish as a separate post/resource. Let me know if you'd like to post or would rather email it to me ([email protected]) for me to post.  

Or, if it's another liturgy for youth leaders, perhaps we could add to Ron's post.