Are We Listening? [Video]


There’s no doubt about it. Many youth in this generation are leaving the church.

But what if we looked at this as an opportunity instead of an outrage? What if it’s not the person of Jesus Christ that these students are running away from, but rather the claustrophobic nature of our churches’ four-walled worship?

Jesus ministered, worshiped, prayed and preached on the streets as well as in the temple. At Youth Unlimited, we believe that students need to experience faith lived out through action in order for that faith to really catch hold of their hearts for life. We believe that Christian adults need to lead their youth outside the confines of the church building and model the difference that Christians can make in the world, before youth get so fed up with congregational navel-gazing that they run out on their own accord, with no plans to come back.

This summer, youth were interviewed at several of Youth Unlimited’s faith-forming experiences. Their passion for Christ is clear, and their new understanding of The Church as the living breathing Body of Christ is something they can hold onto for life.

Watch this video and be inspired. This generation of youth is not one to give up on. They are sending the church a wake-up call.

Are we listening?

Youth Unlimited

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