Does Anyone Have a Sample "Code of Conduct" for Youth Ministry Programs?


Does anyone have sample "Code of Conduct" documents for use in youth ministry programs?  We want to address bullying, a variety of inappropriate behaviors, and lack of clear expectations and consequences in our youth ministry program.  We need help composing succinct, biblical guidelines that can be understood by the typical teen, are based on respectful behavior toward the leaders and one another, and aren't lists of "don't" rules.  Thanks.

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We had one, but I'm somewhat removed from that process now and unsure about where to find it or even if it's up to date. Maybe I could find out for you later today.

It might be a good idea to advise the group that there are some inherent risks in getting someone under 18 to sign something without parental consent. They aren't severe risks, I don't believe, but if, for example, you kicked someone out for breaking a rule they signed to without parental co-signing, they could make a legal stink.

I know it sucks, but I really do believe we as churches should show we are responsible/respectful to our tithing members by taking these steps in risk mitigation... no matter how unlikely anything would ever come from it.

Would love to see examples of any "Code of Conduct" documents - Especially for teens and youth groups!


Hi Vicki! This is such a good question.Would you mind if I post it as a new Ministry Q&A? This would help it get some fresh eyes/more attention.