Does Anyone Partner With Another Church to Have a Combined Youth Group?


We have a small youth group and have thought about joining with another church to have a joint youth ministry program. We are looking for feedback from any churches that are currently doing that or have done it in the past to see how it was done and whether or not it works. How do you finance the position and split the costs? We do not have another CRC church in the area so have you partnered with a church outside the CRC? Where do you meet? Who is "in charge" of making this work and holding ministry leaders accountable? Thanks!

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HI Danae, I sent you a message last week.  Send me an email - [email protected].  We've had a combined ministry here for about 20 years. I can forward our combined ministry documents and help field a lot of your questions!

Hi Marc, Could I possibly also see some of those documents? We're hoping to do a similar thing out here in Seattle with all the CRC churches in the area. Right now we're just in the drawing and idea stage, so any direction or focus would be of help.


This was a good question -- asked several years ago.  I'm wondering if any of the participants in this original discussion could tell us what happened.  How did things work out?  Advice for others considering join youth groups with other churches?