I believe followership is just as important as leadership.  I just wish we lived in a world where the gift of following was recognized and given value as an integral aspect of the Christian life.  There are plenty of examples of young people being recognized for their leadership, and that’s fine. When was the last time you highlighted the work of young people who showed dedication, humility and a servant attitude in their followership?

The students that typically stand out in a youth group are the dynamic individuals who seem destined to lead something…a group, a team, maybe a successful business.  I would argue that there are others who listen and watch, who respectfully follow those with authority, and who learn far more about leadership than simply standing out in a crowd.

We live in a world in which leaders – born leaders – leaders who came from nothing – leaders who worked themselves to the top – are glorified. Everybody wants to be known as a leader, right? I don’t think so.  I don’t think that’s the case, nor should it be the case.

In the simplest of terms, we are called to follow Christ.  There are blessings, there is joy, and there is growth in following Jesus in this lost and broken world that is so loved by God. We should celebrate the opportunities that come through followership.  Of course we need leaders. And sometimes followers grow into leaders. You can have all the leaders you need, but progress is rarely made without followers. Not followers who follow blindly without thought or purpose. But rather followers who follow with purpose.

You might think about bringing this up at your youth group. What do the students think? Do they value followership? Do you when you look at these students?

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I like your post here a lot!  I thnk it should be preached from our pulpits!!  It's very Biblical! 

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I was going to say after reading the 1st sentence that whether we admit it or not, ALL leaders started as followers, to some degree. I believe followers are extremely important and I think it is preached from the pulpit if you are preaching discipleship. Isn't that essentially what discipleship is? However, where I would disagree strongly is that all Christians should - no, are commanded - to strive to become leaders (Kuperian model - because we are reaching for the stars in everything we do), but are totally content with whatever stage God has prepared for us. Then even if we are only followers, we are still prepared as leaders, even if that will not be our particular calling in life. Man, not only does that set the bar so much higher, but we are engaging in leadership building our entire lives. What a sight that would be for a community, eh?