It's Okay to Crack


Hi, me again! Austin Burke!

For those reading this and don't know, I am a Youth Director in Lynden, Washington! This is my first year in this job and it has been amazing! The reason I am writing this is because a couple of days ago I was scheduling youth group through the end of the year, aaaannd I got emotional. Sometimes I think that the nature of our jobs as youth leaders means we can't cry and that is FALSE! It's always okay to crack, plus I'm not even entirely sure that's really the issue in itself! I think the issue is learning how to be strong because I remember learning one time that if the people you are ministering to have to be strong for you, than you may have a problem.

For example, on November 20th my friend died from an epileptic seizure. Two days later we had church and could barely contain myself, but I told myself "I have too keep it in!" That thought and that action physically hurt me. I broke down in front of my students in Sunday School but the difference was a learned how to be strong. To show them the RIGHT way to mourn and grieve when a loved one passes. 

I guess my point is that we need to know that it is always okay to show emotions, what we need to learn is to be strong in the process. Through God. 


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