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Here is a great site for you to take a look at to find the right movie clip for your teachings. It has all the latest movies and  classic movies with topic discussions and more. This site makes it easy for you! Save time and stop looking for the illustrations, go to Movie Ministry.

You will find movie illustrations, small group Bible studies, free movie clips, free illustrations, movie reviews and more.

Here is an example of what you will find: SHREK FOREVER AFTER

Shrek's perfect life has settled into a routine, that has turned into a grind. He is having a mid-life ogre crisis. He longs to be the carefree and feared ogre he was in his youth. After a particularly trying day, he makes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin to magically get back to his old life for one day. The problem is that he has to trade one day of his past to get it. And that is where the trouble starts. Shrek Forever After contains good sermon illustrations about temptation, how husbands should love their wives, and why we should not allow the pleasures of the world to make us unfit for spiritual battle.

Movie's Sermon General's Warning:
Shrek Forever After contains some battle violence and rude humor.

Rating: PG Genre: Animated 

FilmTalk Card - How does discontent lead to disaster?

Shrek Forever After can stimulate discussions about the trap of discontentment, how lust leads to death, and what it takes to prepare for spiritual battle. Shrek Forever After can also inspire talk about how lack of discipline makes us ineffective, and why being there for your wife is a mark of a good husband.

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