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I just received an article from 'Youth Works' where they discuss youth group names and how they came to be. The authors of the article listed a number of youth groups in North America, their youth group name and how that name came to be. The one thing I noticed when reading the article is that they never referenced a Christian Reformed Church. So I thought we should start a discussion sharing our youth group names and why we chose it.

Let me begin…

When I was Youth Pastor at Cornerstone CRC in Chilliwack we named our entire youth ministry program 212 Ministries. A few years back a fellow youth worker and I attended a convention in Indiana where they shared a statistic that youth, on average across North America, are at 105 degrees Fahrenheit (30 being freezing and 212 boiling). They talked about youth being luke-warm for Jesus. 212 degrees Fahrenheit is the point of transformation where water turns to steam  it’s that crucial point of transformation. Needless to say, it was our desire for each of our youth to come to that place in their life where they are TRANSFORMED by and for Jesus Christ.

Hence the name: 212 Ministries.

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Marel, 212 is a good name.

Here is another name that may send a helpful message " We Need You Ministries They feel quite invisable like we did.

Thanks Marcel for your work with the youth. I'm blessed by your efforts.

Just a follow up on our first intergenerational service, to which I must admit I looked forward to, but with the same trepidation as going to the dentist with a tooth ache. Thanks to this whole forum site I have been writing my inner feelings out on several of the forums, some calm, cool and collected, others not so much so, I guess that it is part of coming to grips with the changes happening in our services. Being a bit offish to the service since I was going to play the whole service on the keyboard I was a bit reluctant, but, it went very well, and since it was a "youth led" service, it was nice to be Worshipping with them. Some mom's were involved as well and hopefully we'll have some more members involved the next service they will look after. So, thank you Forum and all that write in these, even if it is not directed at my little problems, unwittingly,you may have an impact on someone somewhere in CRC land. to God all the Glory, bless you all.

Hey! I just thought of a name for all you people writing to /in these forums, how about "Re-Forum-ers"?, I'll put it up as an Forum!