The Hermeneutics of Seeking a Call for Ordained Ministry in the CRC

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As a Candidate for Ordained Ministry in the Christian Reformed Church (2014), I am praying that God will show me the place where he wishes me to serve next. Searching for a church as a Candidate is admittedly a humbling and daunting task. With a list of churches supplied by the Ministerial Information Service of the Christian Reformed Church in front of me, I am curious, “Where to, Lord?”  This process of searching for a church to serve as an Ordained Minister of the Word in the CRC is both a science and art, similar to hermeneutics as they teach in seminary. It is a science in that it can be methodical. This suits me because I have a business background and can handle administrative tasks, not feeling burdened to continually follow up. I can copy and paste the list of churches into a program, sort and prioritize them, making notes along the way about the contacts made. But it is also an art, in that I pray. And pray. And pray. And pray. “How shall I pray, though, Lord?” I do pray specifically for God to lead the way and I do ask Him in expectation of his answering my prayers. It may not be answers coming in as I wish, but it is as God sees fit, according to His will and not mine. Speaking of “fit,” seeking a call from a church is where the question of “fit” really comes into play. This is where both science and art come together in the search process, not only for the Pastoral Search Committee, but also for the Candidate. It’s referred to as this dance. Nice picture. So I’m stepping onto the dance floor where Pastoral Search Committees and Candidates meet by God’s leading through the Holy Spirit, just knowing this is both science and art in how we meet. But God is orchestrating this dance we do as committees seeking pastors and candidates for ordained ministry seeking churches with God's people to shepherd. I am just thankful to be a part of the ebb and flow of ministry and developing Christ-centered relationships along the way. "Thank you, Lord." If you are a church seeking a pastor who is committed to relationship building and open to what God may be showing you through people he places in your lives, please contact me. I’d love to speak with you and see if God may bring us together in this dance of seeking God’s guidance and discerning His will for our present and future. If you are simply reading this post because God caught your attention through the title or otherwise, I pray that it is both encouraging and a blessing to you this day. In Christ, Mark Langenbach (Profile available on request,

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