Community Guidelines

The Network is a collection of content posted by members of our online community. We do not own the rights to the content that users post on the site, nor does our hosting of user-submitted content imply our endorsement of it. Please know that we cannot and do not verify the accuracy of user-submitted content.

When posting, please be aware of these Community Guidelines. They are not exhaustive, but are intended to help understand our approach to user posted content. It all boils down to being polite, courteous, and Christ-like in the way we communicate online.

We want this to be a community that encourages everyone to share without fear of harsh responses. When someone shares a personal story or comment, respect is especially necessary.

In our view, a good post or comment:

  • stays on-topic; comments should directly relate to the original post or resource.
  • is concise and easy to follow.
  • is polite and respectful in tone and language, even when you strongly disagree.
  • contributes something new and positive to the discussion.
  • has clear authorship—that means using your real name.
  • is truthful and avoids making or repeating false claims.

And avoids:

  • dominating the discussion or repeating yourself.
  • arguing back and forth; take it elsewhere or agree to disagree.
  • making derogatory remarks and/or personal comments about others, including members of religious groups, ethnicities, etc.
  • undermining the church or its ministries. Constructive criticism is welcome.
  • posting under false pretenses—including for commercial gain.
  • posting primarily to advertise or solicit funds.
  • explicitly supporting or opposing specific politicians or parties. All comments regarding public policy should refer only to the policy in question. Any comments judged to be of a partisan nature will be reviewed and/or removed (per CRA guidelines).

If you see a comment or post that you believe does not meet the standards listed here, please 'flag' it for review and decision by one of our moderators. Moderators aren’t perfect, but we try to make the best decisions we can for the good of the whole community. A moderator’s decisions are final and a comment or post may be removed without further explanation. Discussions about why a comment or post was or wasn’t removed will be deemed off topic and removed.

As with most user-contributed websites, you are solely responsible for what you post and assume all risks related to your posts, including those related to intellectual property or other legal rights. For example, if you violate someone else's copyright by posting their words or images.

If you have questions about these guidelines, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected].