About The Network

From Dream To Reality

Across the CRC, there are people like you doing ministry.  

They are deacons, Sunday school teachers, musicians, office staff, webmasters, missions team members, GEMS leaders, elders, librarians, and so much more. They are in San Diego, Prince Edward Island, and everywhere in between.

Wouldn’t it be cool to connect? You know, compare notes. Tell stories. Learn from each other. Get help. And discover that, hey, we're not alone!  

Out of this desire to connect people, The Network was created in February 2010. As of today, over 15,000 people have posted on the site. There are currently 60 different ministry topics, including prayer, youth ministry, pastors, church administration, job openings, and much more!

Get Involved

The Network isn't the kind of website where you sit in the back pew, take it all in, and leave quickly before talking to anyone. No, this is one of those 'social' sites where ALL OF US create the value by commenting, questioning, sharing, and helping each other. The whole point is that we learn from each other and from what other churches and individuals are doing across the CRC. It requires active participation by you.  

Please join the conversation! You can post a comment, or you can post your own blog, question, resource, or discussion starter. See How to Add Your Post on the Network.

So let's get this CRC-wide conversation started!

Stay Informed

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