New IN: Disability Concerns, New IN: Advocacy

On Thursday, November 2, church leaders and disability advocates are invited to join Terry DeYoung and Mark Stephenson (RCA and CRC Disability Concerns, respectively) to think through disability and diversity in the church.  

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Maranatha Christian Reformed Church in Belleville, Ontario, is seeking a senior pastor. 

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Social media is used every day, both in and out of the church. What types of guidelines do you have for your church's social presence?

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We are seeking a pastor who will lead using gifts of preaching and teaching, as well as promoting spiritual and communal congregational growth.  

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The CRCNA’s Financial Shalom Project is creating a Directory of Financial Professionals as a resource for our pastors. Know any qualified financial planners, tax attorneys, or accountants we should add? 

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It's two weeks from Halloween and I'm curious, what is your church doing (or not doing) for Halloween? If planning something related to Halloween, how did you decide what to do? 

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We're marking Hispanic Heritage Month with a series about Hispanic leaders from diverse Hispanic nations in the CRC. Today we're celebrating Rev. Harold Caicido. 

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I am wondering if there is a place on The Network that gives suggestions on how to do a baptism service where one parent is a professing member and one is not?

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Rev. Elaine May, senior pastor of Mayfair Church in Grand Rapids, MI, was the first to register for the SheLeads Conference to be held at Calvin Theological Seminary. Find out why she's going and join her! 

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For years, Disability Concerns has mailed Breaking Barriers on cassette tape to people with visual impairments. Though technology has changed, we continue to offer an audio version which you can find here! 

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Barb Cole, Safe Church team member from Classis Yellowstone, was surprised when Protect Young Eyes and Safe Church said "yes!" to coming to Montana. Read her reflections on the trainings here! 

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The Christmas season is right around the corner. Let’s talk about things to think about in planning your successful Christmas services.

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It's big! It's huge! It's the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Are you doing anything in worship to mark this significant event?

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This is the second post in our Justice and the Reformed Confessions series. Subscribe to make sure you don't miss a post.  

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Online cultural magazine, Think Christian, recently put out a new ebook, the “Pop Culture Primer,” that aims to help Christians consider what they watch, listen to, read, and play through the lens of their faith in Christ.

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Eastern Avenue CRC in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is seeking a qualified person to provide secretarial support for the ministries of our church.  

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Westwood CRC in Kalamazoo, MI is looking to hire a choral accompanist.

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We often end our youth group year by inviting the teens to write down questions they’re struggling with. This past spring I was shocked by the composite question that topped the list.

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Jane D. Hull, a well known educator, explains that to support a child, one must also support their parents. Here are ideas to connect with children and also engage their parents. 

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IN: Worship, IN: Music

The following is a list of songs that can be used for prayer walking. Please add a comment to this post with your favorites! 

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When Dorothy arrives in the Land of Oz, she looks around and tells her dog, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” You may feel like Dorothy as you realize children are growing up in a different world than you did!

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