Mill Creek Community Church, located in the exciting and growing north Seattle area, seeks a pastor to lead it into the next phase of its mission. 

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Hillcrest CRC in Hudsonville, MI is looking for a Youth Director to disciple our youth to be lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ.  

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If you've read Canoeing the Mountains, what was your top takeaway?

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An article I read about churches hiring people with disabilities contained helpful information but their approach emphasized that hiring anyone with a disability is fraught with "landmines." Ouch!

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Employing People with Disabilities: Workers with disabilities can transform a work environment in unexpected ways. In this issue, Breaking Barriers readers who employ people with disabilities tell stories of lessons learned. 

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West End Christian Reformed Church, a large and vibrant congregation, is seeking a commissioned or ordained pastor of congregational life and community engagement to join our ministry team.

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We would love to receive Grey Psalter Hymnals that are not wanted or needed and will gladly pay USPS Library rate shipping to get them to us in Guam. 

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Ready or not—you’re a worship pastor! Zac Hicks leads this newly posted webinar and gives wise advice and encouragement to worship leaders, pastors, and all who lead or participate in worship.

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This free, printable resource from ReFrame Media includes faith focused activities that your family can do together not only to count down the days until Christmas, but also to prepare your hearts for the greatest gift, Jesus Christ.

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A complete set of the Kid Connection Curriculum (Year 1-4), including multiple Leader Guides for each quarter, reproducibles, and CDs.

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Shortly before her last day working for Disability Concerns, Heather DeBoer wrote this reflection which was published in the Disability Concerns Canada newsletter. 

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Two months from today, we'll gather for Martin Luther King Day 2018 to consider the question: Where do we go from here, chaos or community? Join us in Grand Rapids at Millbrook CRC. 

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With a booming economy in the U.S. and Canada, finding reliable and kind people to help with in home care is a huge challenge. Has you church stepped in the gap?

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Sarah took a chance on an option she had never before considered (working with veterans) and discovered a "passion she didn't know existed." Find her story below! 

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Join Church Juice's Producer, Bryan Haley, for this live webinar focused on helping churches energize their communications.

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There’s an old saying that “some folks are so heavenly minded that they’re no earthly good.” Is it possible that preaching can be “so heavenly minded” that its “earthly good” is limited? 

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Guilt troubles most suicide survivors. These suggested points help put into words what one may be feeling after their loved one dies. 

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Whether we realize it or not, the photos we use on our church website communicate a message to potential visitors. The images we end up using need to authentically express the life of our church.

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Our deacons are planning our annual seniors Christmas dinner and we are looking for a simple and interactive activity. Any ideas? 

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It takes a village—the whole congregation—to nurture the faith of its young people. Here are ten ways to connect with young people and children. 

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This Advent, World Renew and the Office of Social Justice invite you, through our email devotions, to reflect on the incarnation of Christ—its meaning then and its meaning now. Go to to sign up today!

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