Do You Do A "Warm Up" for Your Coffee Break Bible Studies?


Hi, I am one of the co-directors of Coffee Break at Elmhurst CRC. Each week, we do a "warm up" before the women go into their study. The warm up is related to what we are studying that week and usually consists of a music video and then a sermon clip; or a talk by someone and/or an inspirational video clip. Do any other Coffee Break groups do this? If so, we would love to share warm up resources with you (songs, videos, speakers, etc)! 

What kind of "warm up" resources have you found? Thanks!

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In the past, we started each group with a great joke!



In my small group, we usually begin with snacks (yum!) and small talk. Before jumping into the Bible study (which is currently follow-up questions based on the sermon), we take a moment to first check who was able to be at church/listen to the sermon. For those who missed the message, we give a quick overview and usually read the Bible verses that the sermon was based on.  

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