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I read some great books recently that I want to suggest to Christians. We need to gain knowledge. Knowledge is power. I read the following:

Why I Believe - D. James Kennedy

In The Begining - Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood - Walt Brown PhD

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The Network's Sunday School Guide Joland Howe recenlty blogged about a website she came across as a great website dealing with the topic of Faith Formation and some specifically with children.

To quote Jolanda:

This website is packed with research, ideas,...

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Never-Ending Formation

Why have we so easily assumed that spiritual formation is an urgent concern only in the early decades of life – perhaps the first two or three decades?

It’s a sad myth to believe that faith formation happens only (or primarily) during the early chapters of life...

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I'm wondering if anyone else has concerns about the phrase "faith formation."

Some of us discussed this at a recent classis meeting. Many thought it was vague and would have preferred a confessional or biblical phrase. My concern is that its ambiguity might encourage or reinforce non-...

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I’m convinced that churches which practice infant baptism have a problem. And it’s not a problem they are usually aware of.

Let me be clear. I believe in infant baptism. I believe the church should practice it. I thrilled when I...

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I've tried to do a good bit of objective thinking lately about the events that best form faith in the lives of children and youth. Maybe I think about it more objectively now than when I was in the pastorate. I was too close to it all then. And every once in a while, I come across a very...

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A friend of mine from Redeemer College University, Syd Hielema, shared a powerful quote with me recently. He came across it in a book he was reading – To Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy and Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World, by James Davison Hunter (Oxford University Press,...
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During its meeting at Trinity Christian College, June 12-17, 2010, the Synod of the CRC approved the following guiding principle for the Faith Formation Committee in its work, but also a guide for all local congregations:

All baptized members who come with age-...

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The spiritual disciplines are receiving a sort of resurgence within the Christian church today, with good reason. As Christianity has stagnated in the USA, a new emphasis has been placed on true discipleship within the Christian church. However, one of the spiritual disciplines which has not...
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Put this under the fwiw category, but we just finished using Esther DeWaal's Seeking God. It's a fine introduction to the Rule of Benedict. And why Benedict? Toynbee calls the Rule the "mustard seed of western civilization," and it's not hard to see why. Benedict creates a model of living...

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