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As Kizzy Thomas took the stage at Inspire 2017 and shared her art with us all, I was left wondering why we don’t use [spoken word poetry] more often. Do you incorporate spoken word poetry in worship at your church?

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In choosing to take a trip to Israel/Palestine, persons need to reflect carefully on what type of tour they wish to join. Read about the different types of tours that we have come across in our years of leading groups on pilgrimages there.

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Barnabas Foundation is seeking a Church Communications Director to join the marketing team in its Crete, Illinois office.

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Each year over 800 youth from all over Ontario meet with God for four days of life-changing experiences! Visit the All Ontario Youth Convention website to learn more and register!

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If you were at Inspire but didn’t get a chance to visit the Idea Room, or if you were unable to attend Inspire 2017, we’d still love to get your perspective. What does being Christian Reformed mean to you?

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The Circle of Grace program speaks to my heart’s deepest desire to protect our most vulnerable, and give children the childhood they deserve, free from fear and turmoil. 

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The CRCNA is excited to partner with ECFA to provide you with ChurchExcel! This FREE resource subscription will help take the guesswork out of managing the business side of your church.

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Spring Lake CRC in Spring Lake Michigan is searching for a energetic person to work with our middle school and high school students as well as reaching out to our community.

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Save the date! The annual Calvin Symposium on Worship will take place January 25-27, 2018. Registration opens in October. 

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Re:activate is a youth convention for the Reformed Churches in British Columbia, Canada, and Washington, USA, designed to unite and inspire reformed youth to live out the call God has placed on them! 

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Christians in Bethlehem are among the oldest followers of Jesus in the world. I have been tremendously blessed to worship with my Palestinian brothers and sisters in the birthplace of our Savior.

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Bethany CRC has various choir robes available for purchase. 

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Where can I find the procedures, established or suggested, for inviting a pastor?

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The new-found courage by white-supremacists should force us to re-examine our naive assumptions about racism and how it is countered and contested.

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First CRC of Vancouver, BC, is seeking applicants for the position of Children’s Ministry Director. 

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This book (Messages from Egypt: Ancient Egypt: Walking the Paths of the Ancient Egyptians (Volume 1)) outlines some of the connections between Ancient Egypt and Ancient Israel in eight lessons. 

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This resource warmly and clearly articulates ten answers to the question “What difference does being Reformed make in my daily life?”

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Community CRC in Kitchener, Ontario, a large, dynamic, community-oriented church, is seeking a Worship Coordinator. 

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My focus during the week moved to loving the kids well. Though I wanted them to learn about teamwork and challenge, I hope they especially gained a view of what love should look like. 

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Not only can we learn from the history of the land and its peoples, but the present conflict also presents an opportunity to learn about God’s justice and peace from people who are seeking it with diligence and grace.

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Elmhurst (IL) Christian Reformed Church (ECRC), a congregation of approximately 1500 people, has begun a search for an Associate Pastor.

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