When we consider the words of James 3:17, the question that each Christian must ask is no longer “Where is God in the US presidential election?” but “Where is God in my life as I participate in the US election?”

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We have a few high school exchange students attending our church regularly who have no Christian background. Any suggestions for good resources to introduce them to the Bible and Jesus?

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The freedom to worship and serve God is a God-given right. And yet there is a growing epidemic of persecution of religious minorities around the world. Get involved in working for change. 

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I can remember even now the sense of awe and gratefulness I would feel as I, a child, watched from a dark corner while the adults in my life made themselves vulnerable before God and each other.

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Check out the new and improved CRC Centre for Public Dialogue website! Find resources about Indigenous justice, human trafficking, refugee rights, and more. 

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Dwell Church, in the heart of Manhattan, is seeking it's next lead pastor.

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IN: Prayer

Are you looking for resources on prayer? Check out these recorded webinars on The Network for some great teaching. 

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Guelph Campus Ministry, located at the University of Guelph, is currently accepting applications for a half-time campus minister, beginning on January 1, 2017.

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Westwood CRC is excited to host the "4 Chair Discipling Seminar" in Kalamazoo on November 5. The training helps a church with an overall strategy for building a ministry that multiplies disciples. 

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Senator Clinton’s and Mr. Trump’s toxic behavior towards one another is highly contagious. It’s impacting us more than we realize. All of this makes me think about the essential role of Christian community.

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Third Christian Reformed Church in Lynden, WA, is looking for a part-time church Administrator.

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"Women of Promise" is a special drama presentation created by Messiah CRC to use at a Ladies Christmas Dinner and also in worship. The pdf is available to print and use! 

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This is a painful election that is in many ways dividing this country and the church. But please, when it comes to assault against women, let’s not be divided.

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I was watching NBC’s The Voice last week when I was struck by how often the coaches tell aspiring singers to show more emotion. I wondered...could (or should) any of this translate to preaching? 

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So much of the conversation about immigration during this election season has not been based on facts or on the biblical value of philoxenia. How can this change? 

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Opportunities for worship, prayer, and confession made for a life-giving and encouraging experience at the fourth annual New England Coffee Break retreat. 

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Providence Christian Reformed Church in Cutlerville, Michigan is seeking a part time Church Administrator.

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Will your church be marking the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church on Nov. 6 or 13? The CRC Office of Social Justice is pleased to offer a powerpoint and litany for churches to use. 

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In Jesus’ world we find a religious, political and cultural soup mix. The broth is a potent mix of Roman, Greek and Jewish cultures. Did God use this culture to make the most of the gospel for Jesus sake?

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The toolkit is divided into sections on becoming a storytelling church, shaping our stories, and sharing our stories in many different facets of your church’s ministry.

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How is your congregation observing the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church? We welcome your ideas. 

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