The Church Renewal LabSimple Steps to Faith Sharing

How can we change patterns of inactive faith sharing in local congregations? One solution is to begin with baby steps. 

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Zion CRC in Oshawa, ON, is looking for a Lead Pastor. 

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A good vision statement reflects the uniqueness of your congregational setting. Here are some ways to land vision in your neck of the woods!

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Sunnyside CRC in Sunnyside, WA, discovered a powerful way to demonstrate the love of Christ to neighbors while also building deeper fellowship among believers.

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Youth ministry often gives opportunities for our creative energies be used in many ways. . .From organizing a snowball fight at a Classis meeting to hockey games between church councils and youth to modifying curriculum.

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I’ll never forget the professor who read Psalm 13 and tied it to his lifelong struggle with depression. The sanctuary was so quiet as he spoke that it seemed like everyone was blessed in glimpsing the blessings he received from this short but powerful Psalm.

May 24, 2017 2 1 comments

Westend CRC located in northwest Grand Rapids is looking to hire a new pastor.

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We're wondering if any other CR churches have experimented with the "New City Catechism" app?

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Let’s move forward in leadership this summer. Check out these two leadership exercises to stretch and strengthen leadership skills.

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The free webinar on Leading Worship Teams with Greg Scheer is now available. Greg gives practical and helpful advice for worship leaders, musicians and singers.

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Eastern Avenue Christian Reformed Church seeks a Worship Leader for its bi-lingual worship service.

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What does your congregation do to create safe spaces, where people feel safe enough to share honest struggles and untold stories?

May 23, 2017 4 1 comments

Inspire 2017 is an event for ministry leaders of all sizes and shapes...including Coffee Break Ministry leaders! Coffee Break Ministry leaders have also been given a special discount code for registration.

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Whether you hold a relaxed version of your regular Sunday school program or discontinue classes until fall, read on for nine refreshing ideas to help you nurture kids in the summer months too!

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Before we switch ministry gears to summer, or even (gasp!) fall, can we take a minute to look around and look back? What's one thing you learned this past year?

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So: what is your calling? How do you frame how God has gifted you and formed you for His purposes? You don’t have to be a student on commencement or a retiring faculty member to be a person of calling. 

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"I escaped Vietnam with my younger brother in Jan 1982. I remember 17 people piled into a small boat, 7 yards long and 1 ½ yards wide...It was through the boat trip experience that I now have a clear sense of call doing God’s work."

May 19, 2017 2 1 comments

Children are not inhibited when it comes to moving with music, and those who study child development tell us that moving with music is good for them!

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The webinar 'Training Youth for Worship Leadership,' with Dr. Eric Mathis, is now available! Share it with your worship teams, pastors and anyone who wants to learn more about training youth to lead in worship. 

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Living Water Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan is looking for a senior pastor to provide effective leadership and ministry.

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Our church belongs to a church coalition in our neighbourhood. Is it permissible to allot employee hours from our church to manage the coalition's bookkeeping?

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