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We are rethinking our church committee job descriptions. Does anyone have a worship task force job description that works well? 

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The new short board book, found (yes, all lowercase letters) by Sally Lloyd-Jones, is a great way to introduce kids to Psalm 23. I can see this book as a great bedtime book for a toddler. 

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Our church is considering recognizing the birthdays of all our members. Do other church Administrative Assistants have experience with this and/or suggestions about how to proceed?

February 27, 2017 1 2 comments

If you are looking for a new church, don’t make up your mind before you even begin. Be open to being surprised about where God will use you—even if the building or worship style looks way different than you imagined.

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Friendship CRC in Byron Center, MI, is seeking someone with sound and technical skills to serve in the part-time position of Worship Ministries Technical Director. 

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Our stately, traditional church building and dated signage gave the impression that the people inside were old, boring, and stoic. Our new image is fresh, modern, welcoming, and rooted in our identity.

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Using “missional” as an adjective doesn't change the church's identity but attempts to serve as a reminder of what she's always been. The term neither excludes evangelism nor is synonymous with social justice efforts.

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Children learn through observation, but they learn best through participation! Check out this new tool that offers 10 meaningful ways to involve kids in worship.

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This year we want to invite you to practice confession, lament, and doing justice during Lent. On the Do Justice blog, you'll find an introduction to those disciplines and a weekly Lent plan to incorporate them.  

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I am looking for some resources and opportunities to do some education in the areas of spiritual health and intellectual growth. What are pastors doing these days?

February 22, 2017 1 1 comments

When worship leaders gather to discuss renewal in worship, conversation easily turns to music. Who should lead? What instruments should be used? Perhaps we can learn a few things from the Reformation. 

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Jubilee Centers International, a Christian School based in Honduras, is seeking an Executive Director that will work in the United States. 

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Small congregations are questioning their viability given program rich congregations that are just around the corner. But I'd like to share 6 things small churches can learn from a mom and pop grocer by my house.

February 21, 2017 0 1 comments

A truly safe church environment is one where the congregation is aware of the many ways in which abuse is normalized in both secular and Christian cultures and is prepared to help survivors.  

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Lent is just over a week away (March 1 this year) and I'm curious to hear what churches and individuals in the CRC are doing to mark this season. Let's open up the discussion!

February 21, 2017 1 1 comments

I have been a member of Anaheim CRC since 1969, and I did not know we had people in our congregation with intellectual disabilities. However, God put this desire on my heart to be their new leader.

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Coffee Break groups are sprouting up all over the world. The largest challenge of this global expansion is keeping up with translations! Learn about two ways we are responding and how you can get involved. 

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As pastor of spiritual formation at my church, I have a lot of faith formation "tools" in my toolbox. Some are very specific. Some are weirdly shaped. Here are 7 of my favorite and most powerful tools. 

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Three new Discover studies will be available in the fall of 2017! The studies on Thessalonians, Jonah, and the whole Bible came out of partnerships between experienced leaders, writers and ethnic voices. 

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I am a member of a search committee and am looking for the names and profiles of candidates graduating Calvin Seminary this year that are going to be eligible for call. Is this posted somewhere?

February 20, 2017 1 4 comments

Like so many people who have disabilities, Melissa Blake writes that people often sell her short. She is concerned that this marginalization will grow worse under the new president’s leadership.

February 20, 2017 5 11 comments