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Rather than feeling guilty about the places where I am failing as a parent, I am resolving to take small steps to pass on my faith to them. I'm starting with "lunch box notes"... 

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I recently got into a discussion that could probably be boiled down to "Why does the church's theology matter? Both churches [profess the creeds] so who cares what they believe past that." 

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Missionary newsletters have been around since Paul. Are they still relevant today?

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“Is it true?” he asked, “that in American streets one sees houses without people around, talking together?” I answered that was mostly so. He said, “There must be much loneliness in America…” 

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After the call ended and I continued preparing dinner, I quietly gave thanks that she and I were able to celebrate congregationalism together. Isn’t that a delicious oxymoron?

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To be holy is to be separate, different, not mundane, unique, and distinct. God is all of these. Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to move in you to live the holy God has called you to?

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How has this culture of rape, disrespect, and devaluing others entered into our lives and into our congregations?

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Each week or so, we search the web for the most thought-provoking blogs, online articles, book reviews, and resources on faith formation and discipleship. Check them out and add your own!

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Seeing Ralph in the Intensive Care Unit, I was astounded by the peace with which he faces life, death, and the severe limitations his pain and poor lung condition have imposed on him. 

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I was recently asked to pray before the meal at my niece’s wedding. Afterwards one of my sons told me that I’d “prayed like a pastor.”  It bugged me.  

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"In 1883, laws were taken up to prevent people with disabilities from moving to this country, marrying, or having children. In many instances, it led to the institutionalization and forced sterilization of disabled people." 

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What if churches and church leaders looked at ministry with people with serious mental illnesses not as burdens to be borne but as opportunities from God for ministry? 

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Children complain. They are children after all. But valuable skills and character are formed when we are prodded to do things like lessons or household chores. Here are just a few life-long habits to cultivate. 

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I expected CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) to be really difficult, and it is—but not for the reasons I expected. I anticipated emotional distress from being around critically ill people, but instead I found...

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Classis was in the spotlight at synod—in part because of the big structure decision! Synod also asked to take a hard look at the purpose and structure of classis. This is momentous for classis leaders.

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I was telling a church member that I would not be able to attend the retreat because I didn't have the $40.00. I then told one of the leaders I couldn't go this year. Without hesitation, she said...

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Each week, we will be searching the web for the most thought-provoking blogs, online articles, book reviews, and resources on faith formation and discipleship. Check them out and add your own! 

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Do you stream or podcast your worship service? Do you watch other services to get inspiration and be exposed to new ideas? Keep reading to find out more details, including what is legal. 

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It’s easy to be critical of social media. It’s particularly easy to be critical of the person using their phone in church. Are they checking Facebook instead of listening to the sermon?

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Church leaders (especially deacons) will find this information helpful in assisting congregation members who need home remodeling for better accessibility. 

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Is Classis a separate organization from the churches it represents? Do we have to be incorporated?

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