Ministry is primarily about relationships, but programs can provide the space for relationships to develop and flourish. This information sheet was distributed to people at Orland Park CRC by their Disability Concerns Team.

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Many Christians have a favorite scripture or "life verse" that inspires their vision and mission in the world. Are there hymns and contemporary Christian songs that do the same?

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We are always preparing for this mission of demonstrating biblical love to others—not as an “evangelism program,” but as a natural display of Christ’s love to others.

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Calvary Christian Reformed Church, an established and mission focused faith community, is looking for an Associate Pastor. 

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As a parent of a young child, there have been times when I can’t help but wonder, "Is it really sinking in?" However, a recent event erased my doubts about his grasp of Christ's love for him. 

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The most powerful agent for hope, healing and justice for abuse survivors in the church is something both simple and surprisingly elusive: people of compassion.

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Aboriginal Sunday (celebrated on June 19) is an opportunity for Canadians to learn about Aboriginal peoples and celebrate their gifts! Free bulletin covers and inserts available upon request.

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Calvary Church in Holland, Michigan seeks a dynamic person with proven skills in leading middle school ministry to join our team. 

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The Global Food Security Act will benefit women and children during the critical first 1,000 days. Proper nutrition during this period will have enduring positive effects. Learn how to get involved! 

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IN: Synod

In the heat of an election year in the USA when debate and emotions run high, we are invited to dialogue in such a way that reflects the Jesus we seek to follow. So friends, be excellent to one another. 

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What does love look like when someone follows through on their marriage vow "in sickness and in health"?

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Focusing less on practical accessibility concerns, this study looks at the church, the Christian community, as it responds—whether positively or negatively—to the presence of persons with disabilities. 

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Time after time, we hear of a pastor leaving his church to plant another congregation in the same neighborhood, causing divisions. Is it time for pastors to sign a non-compete agreement?

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Athletics, busy weekends, travel, Saturday night events and family get-togethers are making Sunday School attendance difficult for families. So how do we respond?

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I have often woke up in the morning dreading the day. However, a few new habits have completely changed my whole outlook, leaving me full of joy and peace. 

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Crossroads Christian Reformed Church (San Marcos, CA) is looking for a full-time Director of Worship & Youth Ministries. 

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After celebrating Easter, I am always left wondering what will happen to me after the Resurrection. Will I still be deaf? Either way, I can be joyful and content. 

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Too often I hear from women who are hurting because of something that happened to them within the church family. Dare I hope that this can change?  

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A good fisherman does his homework. He knows the conditions of the water, researches the latest equipment, and talks to other anglers. I wondered, could these same principles apply to ministry? 

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Have you found any helpful resources for Friendship Sunday? I'm looking for best practices, scripture ideas, and more. 

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A recent article in Forbes magazine reported that Americans now spend more money on Easter candy than they do on Halloween candy. Have you noticed an increase in Easter consumerism?

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