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The choice, therefore, is whether at broader assemblies we have full representation of all the ordained or whether we continue the notion that deacons simply don't have the authority to "rule".
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This webinar explores the issues of depression and suicide particular to youth and how we as a church can be equipped to be effectively helpful and supportive.
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Willoughby Church is seeking a 50% Youth Pastor (with possible opportunity for growth to fulltime) for our vibrant and growing congregation in Langley, BC.
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Discussion Topic
Does salvation belong to the LORD? And if so, how might that show up in your strategies in outreach to Muslims?
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We are helping churches engage students in missional living, not just for one week. The goal is for church youth groups to become more missional the other 51 weeks of the year and through their life journey.
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The new (and maybe not all that new) rallying cry from the churches since the Task Force began its work has been “Listen to us!” The Task Force did listen...
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As Christians, we cannot think of love without being affected by the New Testament’s use of love. Agape, the original Greek word for selfless love, is unconditional, like the love Jesus shows us.
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Because both the denomination and individual congregations have limited resources, we get the biggest bang for our buck focusing on pastors. But what about lay leaders? Do they really matter?
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If every congregation has a liturgy and every congregation has liturgists, doesn’t it make sense to prepare individuals to serve as liturgists?
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As a church that’s focused on serving those in their neighborhood, Pastor George realized they needed resources to support their neighbors with disabilities. Check out how the church got connected!
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Prizing earthly comfort drives us to selfishness, cowardice, and apathy. When we seek comfort, we fail to trust that God will provide for us even when we personally dislike our circumstances.
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The 2015 Yearbooks are now available; look for pre-orders to be shipping soon!
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Our Christian profession is important in so many ways. It involves facing the realities of daily life. But we have our heavenly Father, who in the power of the Holy Spirit, will accompany us and see us through.
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For many people, the last three places they would want to be is a funeral, a hospital or a hospice care center. I think these are the best places you could go if you want to grow in faith.
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Check out the Youth Ministry section for an interesting and timely series on short term missions!
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Examining your reasons for signing up for a mission trip – whether you’re a leader or a student – is essential for preparing your heart for the trip and opening yourself to what God may have planned.
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"What gives consistency to people is to know that they are loved. To love is not to do things for people, it’s not to tell people what to do, it’s to reveal. What do we reveal?"
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“The extremely long pastorates of our day place a great strain on many a congregation and especially upon its minister.”That comment may sound familiar, but it is not new.
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My church is embarking on a journey of pastoral transition. Transitions are hard. My greatest dream for this process is that we take every opportunity to model grace and patience.
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It’s important to marinade in our need for the cross—our continuing need for the cross. Join Dave Bast and Scott Hoezee on Groundwork in discussing Jesus the suffering servant and Son of God.
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We felt many members were placing too much emphasis on the style of our music. We needed everyone to focus on the essence of being a church. We saw a music fast as an impactful tool...
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