First CRC of Grand Haven is seeking a 25 hour/week Youth Director.

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We are looking for a Ministry Development Coordinator who has a real heart for supporting and encouraging faith formation and growth among people of all ages, but especially among the younger members of our church family.

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We are a smaller, well-established congregation from Mt. Hamilton CRC looking for a full-time pastor to help us in our church move to Mount Hope, ON.

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Pastors with a disability. Clergy with disabilities reflect on the interplay of disability and ministry. 

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How do we each listen well to voices from cultures different from our own and voices within our cultures, while discerning whether those voices are leading us closer to Christ or away from him? Here is our take on it.

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This sermon is part of a series based on the book Live

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Are you passionate about the Church and communications? At ReFrame Media we're looking for someone to lead our Church Juice ministry in the role of producer.  

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Although Detroit has at times gotten a bad rap, the city is in the middle of renaissance. As Detroit-area residents and pastors, my friend Mark and I have put together a list of reasons you can’t afford not to come to Detroit for Inspire 2017. 

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Perhaps the most common reason (of the many reasons) people come to religion is control. But God is not tamable, not even through our religious programs and practices. 

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Hosting a trip that included volunteers with physical challenges and developmental disabilities was fairly unusual for World Renew, but it was worth the effort, said Art Opperwall, program manager for World Renew DRS.

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In case you missed it, we recently changed the name of the ministry topic "Church Jobs" to "Church Positions" to better reflect our Reformed view of ministry as a calling.

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IN: Synod, IN: Worship

Below you will find a document which lists all the songs we sang at Synod 2017, along with where you can find them, the service outlines, and the banner images used on the PowerPoint.   

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IN: Synod

Sometimes people joke that watching Synod via the live stream is like watching a sporting event without the commentators. In the spirit of that, I created a post-game show for Synod 2017. I'd love to hear what you think. 

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This beautiful banner is based on the story of Mephibosheth and David (2 Samuel 9), the Parable of the Great Banquet (Luke 14:15-24), and the Lord's Supper. 

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The Clinical Pastoral Education program is offered to pastors from both CRC and RCA churches in communities throughout the United States and Canada. Read more about it here.

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Churches are doing many creative things to make a person’s profession of faith a day to remember. Faith Formation Ministries has gathered dozens of those ideas in the Professing Our Faith online toolkit.

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Does anyone have a functional web site policy that would help us in the development of one at a local level?

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We are excited to introduce to you one of the newest members of our Faith Formation Ministries team: Trudy Ash. Trudy serves as a Regional Catalyzer in California.

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Are there any churches who might have leftover take home papers/newsletters from the following Faith Alive curriculums and age groups?

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Innovative projects and initiatives are happening across CRC, and the Ignite fund is here to help support this innovation and creativity in ministry! Check out a few of the exciting projects that have been recently funded through Ignite.

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IN: Synod

During Synod 2017, The Network will be selecting a “Tweet of the Day” to be featured, as well as 2 honorable mentions! Could it be your tweet? 

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