Whether you hold a relaxed version of your regular Sunday school program or discontinue classes until fall, read on for ten refreshing ideas to help you “water” kids in the summer months too!

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This Resource Guide from the United Church of Christ includes worship resources on mental illness such as sermon ideas, complete sermons, a litany, unison prayers and more. 

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Are there any churches in Michigan that are willing to sell or donate used individual chairs to Han Bit Korean CRC in Rochester Hills?

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We might not know our neighbours or even like our neighbours, but we need to hear God’s call and allow it to guide our faith and actions to love our neighbours on the streets, in schools, at work, and in our churches. 

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Here is a prayer I will be using for Friendship Sunday. Please use and share if you'd like! 

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Five community gardens projects in Kent and Muskegon counties received funding and training grants of $1250 this month to grow their projects and increase their benefit to local community members.

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This one-day conference provides a wonderful opportunity to increase our understanding about abuse issues and to become better equipped for ministry.

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Trinity CRC, located in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska, is seeking a full time pastor.

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Jesus is entirely and completely our Kinsman Redeemer. He not only paid the debt of sin, but went one step further and paid the bridal expenses, so that we could never lose our inheritance or run the risk of becoming destitute.

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Bethany CRC in Holland, MI, has a large amount of choir music available for anyone interested in seeing it before it hits the recycle bin.

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Whatever else Easter means, it does not mean people stop dying. The Thessalonians knew what we still know: namely, the stark and stubborn fact of death in our world poses a most difficult challenge to our faith.

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This three-minute video introduces viewers to the ministry of Christian Reformed Disability Concerns. 

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We are a people who deeply believe in the importance of promises, and also, seem, ironically, to not be very good at keeping them. What does covenant keeping with our Indigenous brothers and sisters look like for us now? 

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You're invited to attend a new adult class, Worshiping Diversely Together, to be held at Madison Square CRC. 

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Going to Inspire 2017? Got extra room in your car? A fellow Coffee Break leader is looking for a ride to Detroit from the airport in either London or Hamilton, ON.

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Calling all worship leaders! Worship Ministries is offering 3 excellent training opportunities in May. Learn from experienced and respected leaders at no cost. Plus, no travel required as we'll connect via computers!

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IN: Synod

The Agenda for Synod 2017 is now available on the Synod Resources page of the Christian Reformed Church in North America website. 

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We tell our students that if you are leading, you should have an understanding that difficult circumstances are either present or just around the corner. Here are a few principles for navigating these challenges. 

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Millbrook Christian Reformed Church is seeking a part-time Youth Leader. 

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Jesus is no “rose, trampled on the ground.” This is no victim, “taking the fall” for other criminals. This is sovereign God, laying his life down on our behalf.

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How do you create space for remembering in your church or around your dinner table? If you'd like, please feel free to share the name of a loved one you are remembering this Easter.

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