If our commemoration of “Canada 150” is to contribute to reconciliation and hope, then a vital part of the occasion must be to take to heart the full story of the Canadian community.

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No longer can we simply ask, “What can we do to get people to come to our church?” We must also consider, “How can we go into the world to encounter those in need of the gospel?”

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Almond Valley CRC in Ripon, CA is seeking candidates for a youth pastor position. 

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My adoption and life story isn’t “I once was lost, but now am found.” It’s more of a story of being eternally found from the beginning of time, with a very visible, tangible example of God’s providence. 

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This book of daily readings highlights stories of God’s work with the Old Testament saints (and their world) that are a part of the spiritual history of every Christian. 

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It's too late to share ideas for Advent but as my Christmas gift to anyone who will take it (and in hopes of getting some fresh ideas back in the process) here are a few Lenten series I've done in the past. 

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In a world that has nuclear weapons and drones and a myriad of other weapons, it takes strong faith, hope, and love to engage in peacemaking.

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Pastor Carey Nieuwhof shares ten ways your church can be involved in the unique opportunity to reach people at Christmas.

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On January 1, 2017, new accessibility requirements come into effect from the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Is your church ready?

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Do illnesses, failed classes, divorces, cruel bosses, or financial ruin seem like giving us a hope and a future? There are times when God’s promises feel more like lies than truth. 

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Hope is much more than just a blind wish. It's having a clear expectation and the confidence that what you hope for will come to pass. Like the wise men we too have hope—hope for today and for the future.  

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Does the senior pastor of a CRC church have to lead the installation service for elders and deacons or can an associate pastor (who is also ordained in the CRC as a minister of the Word) handle this responsibility?

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How many lives could be changed if the church talked as openly about abuse as any other chronic and life-threatening issues their congregants faced?

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Planning offerings for the coming year? Use this online (or printable) calendar to help plan the offering schedule for your church. 

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Our worship committee is looking at reading a book together to (re)orient our work. Any suggestions? One idea we got was to look at "For the Beauty of the Church"...has anyone read that? 

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I lost my apartment in a fire and it has been tough. Tough to think about anything else. Tough to start again. . .again. But there has been this amazing group of people who have held me up. 

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After 22 years of full-time youth ministry, I’ve come to realize that I'm no longer passionate about youth ministry. What I am passionate about is the intergenerational faith formation of our youth and young adults.

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“Niceness” is not a Christian value. Friendliness is a Christian value when it goes beyond niceness and leads to something deeper. In being hospitable, I welcome the guest in such a way that I am changed, too. 

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I am looking for a Christmas liturgy to use this December. Got any good suggestions? 

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One Sunday I noticed something strange. Even though we were usually the first car at church, my dad always chose to park in the worst spot. His explanation has stuck with me to this day. 

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Rochester Christian Reformed Church (Rochester, NY) seeks a discerning, energetic, and compassionate senior pastor. 

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