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Angelyn KuiperHoly Habits

Teaching children means sharing the truth of Scripture with them—but it’s even more important to give them opportunities to put what they believe into practice. 

November 25, 2015 0 0 comments

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Children with disabilities are part of God's family, but people don't always treat them that way. In this book you'll discover how to help kids and their leaders welcome and include kids with disabilities at church or school.

October 2, 2015 0 0 comments

Is it possible, given our preference of heart-knowledge over head-knowledge, that we, too, are at risk of abandoning our long and strong tradition of intellectual exploration?

September 30, 2015 0 3 comments

This webinar addresses theological and practical questions about spiritual warfare, such as: Can a believer be demonically oppressed? Are there dangers involved? 

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I asked a social worker: “What is your working life mostly about?” “Trouble”, she said.

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Laura Keeley is Co-director of Children's Ministries at Fourteenth Street CRC in Holland, Michigan, and serves as a Regional Catalyzer for Faith Formation Ministries in Michigan. 

September 29, 2015 0 1 comments

Discover Nehemiah, a new 2015 study in the Discover Your Bible series, is now available and ready to be ordered. 

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IN: Elders

Pornography is a pervasive yet largely unaddressed problem in today’s world, including the church. But, there's help! Check out these resources for leaders addressing pornography. 

September 29, 2015 1 4 comments

Just as deacons facilitate the financial offerings of God’s people, they must also collect data on the talents of God’s people. Which member is a hairdresser or a handyman? Can they help?

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Pastors enter into ministry with the kingdom of God in their eyes. Yet sometimes along the way the joy in serving and a passion for the kingdom disappears. How do you get it back?

September 28, 2015 1 5 comments

The word “forgiveness” sent my mind in a thousand directions. Those who have survived abuse are all in different stages of healing. Will my prayer help survivors forgive or set them back?

September 28, 2015 3 8 comments

Over the summer, the new post form was shortened from 3 pages to only 1 page. We hope this user-friendly form takes away any fear of posting! 

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The goal seems to be bigger events, louder music, farther mission trips, deeper lesson content, messier games, and more. But what if we got quieter with our kids instead of louder?

September 25, 2015 0 5 comments

In this webinar, Ruth Kelder leads a conversation on the factors that help—or hinder—creating a safe place for people to grow in their faith.

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Is it possible for Faith Alive to make ebook/kindle versions of previously published material? Good resources quickly go out of print and it seems a shame to not be able to access them in any way.

September 25, 2015 2 1 comments

Mrs. Brown was a great story teller. Back then we used flannel boards instead of videos, and although the images weren’t digital, she made Bible stories come to life...

September 24, 2015 1 0 comments

Great news - Google for Non-Profits is now available in Canada!

September 24, 2015 1 0 comments

Having some defined hours allows a pastor to plan and also allows people to plan. It is respectful of everyone’s need to plan. But exactly how many hours? This requires discernment. 

September 23, 2015 3 2 comments

This week we are heading south of the Canadian border to introduce you to Jill Friend, who serves as a Regional Catalyzer in Iowa.

September 23, 2015 1 1 comments

In talking with churches in transition, we have found gaps in the typical ways that we gather church metrics. What new tools can we use to measure church growth, decline, and other changes?

September 22, 2015 0 3 comments

It's time for that uncomfortable conversation again: my compensation. I will be pointing to this question, “Is the level of financial support for the minister appropriate and sufficient?" 

September 21, 2015 0 6 comments