Whether you hold a relaxed version of your regular Sunday school program or discontinue classes until fall, read on for ten refreshing ideas to help you “water” kids in the summer months too!

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IN: Synod

Today is the deadline for overtures and communications to Synod 2017. Did your or your church submit something?

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We desire to reach communities that have no idea what “the law” is. Do they really need to hear the law to see their sin? Doesn't it make more sense to meet Jesus, Christ crucified, and let him reveal their sin?

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If we want to minister effectively with those who have experienced rape, we need to examine what we believe about it, and how false thinking may influence our actions and words causing further harm. 

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This March 25, join the Office of Race Relations and Congregations Organizing for Racial Reconciliation (CORR) for a day of learning with Peter Cha!

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If it’s time for some new profession of faith practices in your congregation, here are four ideas to consider. 

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Liz is always encouraging young people who are interested in God’s heart for justice—she lights up in conversations with young people about truth and reconciliation, refugees, stewardship, human trafficking.

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One last post for our Black History Month series! The CRC Office of Race Relations is thankful for Rev. Sheila Holmes and her contributions to the Christian Reformed Church.

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I am looking for churches that use a co-pastoring model of leadership. Are you are willing to share your experiences/job description with a church that is considering this model? 

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It takes time to get in the habit of doing daily devotions. At first, the payoff may not seem obvious, but once devotions become a part of your daily life, you will begin to feel their amazing benefits.

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IN: Synod

Here are the highlights from the CRCNA Board of Trustees meeting on February 23-24, 2017 in Burlington, ON. 

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Here are worship resources and prayers for refugees and immigrants that have been culled from the archives of Reformed Worship

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The First Christian Reformed Church of Sioux Falls, SD, is seeking a full-time Director of Youth Ministry. 

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Responding to the moral challenge of climate change presents an opportunity for Christians to love God and our neighbor more deeply, and an opportunity for the United States to lead the clean energy revolution already underway around the world.

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We are excited to welcome Eric Kas as the new Safe Church Associate! He is excited to partner with you all as we strive for safe spaces in our churches.

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IN: Pastors, IN: Worship

As I read through sermons by the great Reformer Martin Luther, I got stuck on a sermon from Luke 2:41-52. Was I concluding that Luther preached a good sermon but did not preach the text?

March 8, 2017 2 1 comments

Strengthening our commitment practices, including the practice of profession of faith, calls us to name the idolatries that tempt us and intentionally embody a different way of being.

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First Christian Reformed Church of Seattle, located just north in the suburb of Shoreline, WA, is seeking a full time pastor. 

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The best preparation for preaching to the unconvinced is to build relationships with the unconvinced. If you don’t know any unchurched people, you won’t preach well to them. 

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Are you a sound tech? Or are you involved in audio decisions at your church? Here are a couple helpful resources to assist you in your role!  

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Liturgyletter.com is an excellent source of timely resources to help you connect to the lectionary. Find suggestions for prayer, art, music, hymns, readings, and more. 

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