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We expect those who provide a service to have expertise in that area and to be equipped to meet that specific need. The same applies to teachers: kids expect you to speak from experience when you teach—to “walk your talk,” as we say.

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Christian Reformed Home Missions wants to hear YOUR stories of transformation! Our theme for this Easter Sunday is Easter Changes Everything. 

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Living Water Community Church in Northwest Iowa is seeking someone with a passion for strengthening families and helping youth to discover who they are in Christ, to serve as Pastor of Family & Youth.

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Around the world, March 8 is celebrated as International Women's Day. I have spent the week looking at women in the Gospels, to have a stronger understanding about the Biblical view of women

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As new parents, my spouse and I have been figuring out how to raise our family and also find time to continue serving God. We have been learning about being a family on mission.

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IN: Synod

The Board of Trustees of the Christian Reformed Church in North America met in February 2016 at the denominational offices in Grand Rapids. During this meeting the Board...

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The Building Blocks project, based on work done by Bob and Laura Keeley, is one of the recent and exciting initiatives being promoted by Faith Formation Ministries in the CRC.

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If you are a leader, what has been your experience connecting with teens on a deeper level? If you are a teen or young adult, what do you wish your church understood?

March 7, 2016 2 4 comments

Rennie Feddema from Strathroy, Ontario, wonders whether your church is truly disability friendly. 

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The Ten Question Tool for Choosing Curriculum was developed by Faith Formation Ministries to support you in the curriculum decision making process.

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As one experienced teacher put it, creating a disciplined environment to ensure optimal learning requires equal parts of technique and personality.

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How do we stay in dialogue with people who strongly disagree with us on an issue we are passionate about, especially when that issue affects the lives of people in very tangible ways?

March 2, 2016 2 5 comments

Witnessing the effects of climate change on Bangladesh where I grew up, I came to realize that the risks of climate change are not a fear for the future, but rather, risks we take today.

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What do you think of when you think of an act of courage? This article explores the necessary courage to leave an emotionally abusive marriage.

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Today, we continue our series introducing the staff of Faith Formation Ministries. Now it's time to get to know Communications Strategist, Paola.

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Last week it was announced that the CRC will launch a free Digital Library in April along with a 20% discount for CRCs in June.

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A diverse group of women will gather at the Courtyard Marriott in Brandon, FL (near Tampa) April 1-3 for a time of learning and sharpening skills in order to help others discover the Bible. 

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This welcome statement challenges me to reconsider whether there are people I’ve labeled as beyond God’s reach and therefore not truly welcome to worship...

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On December 17, 2013, I got an email that was hardly routine - one that sparked a journey toward the newly accredited Calvin Prison Initiative.

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What does it look like for a seminary to be welcoming and inclusive for people with disabilities? In what ways can we equip pastors, theologians, missionaries and psychologists to be more sensitive to the issues surrounding disabilities? 

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Vern Poythress, professor of New Testament Interpretation at Westminster Seminary recently published his book The Miracles of Jesus: How the Savior's Mighty Acts Serve as Signs of Redemption.

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