I believe one of the biggest problems in churches and denominations today is their inability to have difficult conversations well. Here are three critical things people must do to have any hope of success in crucial conversations.

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Here are some of the financial administrative responsibilities connected with managing an overseas ministry that your church should consider (based on experience with my own church).

February 5, 2016 2 4 comments

There was a festival and it appears that His disciples were downtown Jerusalem. But Jesus took it upon himself to make this sick-call.

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Here are two articles that I especially appreciated and think that all CRC deacons would benefit from reading.

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Willoughby Church, located in Langley, British Columbia, is searching for our next Youth Pastor to serve the Youth of our community.

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We'll be posting a series of blogs on Coffee Break Ministry innovations. These groups have made small changes to the core practices to connect with more people. What are your innovative ideas?


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IN: Elders

The National Gathering is being held for the purpose of setting direction for the Christian Reformed Church in Canada.

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IN: Campus

In 2015 we celebrated 75 years of ministry! At our annual conference we spent time celebrating the past, looking at learning from the present and imagining the future.

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The Key Federal Tax Figures displays variables from previous fiscal years to the current fiscal year.

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It is hard not to be involved in a conversation these days about young adults or campus ministry without hearing the question “how do we keep our young adults in the church?”

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Pillar Church is seeking qualified applicants for a full time Director of Youth Ministries position. 

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They go by many names: Global Outreach teams, missions councils, missions teams... But the result seems to be the same when a church appoints missions-minded people to promote and direct the church’s role in missions—a more proactive approach to missions. 

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A plan for a possible renovation to our church building includes a room labeled “Pastor’s Shop.”  It is not a misprint. The designer is well aware of what happens in such a space, and chose the word for a reason.

February 2, 2016 2 2 comments

Effective disability ministry shouts to a world that values perfection, superficial beauty, and power that God and his people value those who seem weak, who depend on others, and who appear insignificant. Disability ministry proclaims that the gospel is for all people regardless of their abilities...

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God must love immigrants—the Bible is so full of them! Here are some building blocks that will help you welcome children from immigrant families. 

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In honor of The Network’s 6th anniversary, we’re doing a flashback series focusing on several of the most popular blogs from 2010.

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IN: Prayer

I never realized prayer can tucker a person out. Like when people hit the gym, they have a good workout and they’re tired yet they come back feeling good as well, almost energized. It’s being tired in a good way.

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Resolutions take sustained effort and focus. Many people I know no longer make resolutions because they recognize that they will most likely fail– so why even start?

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A working group in the Mennonite Church USA has created a 43-minute documentary entitled "The Doctrine of Discovery: In the Name of Christ" that is a good introduction to understanding the Doctrine of Discovery.

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Fully confronting abuse by spiritual leaders in the CRC  is a necessary first step to a safe church: if we cannot hold accountable even those entrusted with the souls of the church, called to be “blameless” how can we effectively address other forms of abuse?

January 28, 2016 2 4 comments

In part 4 of this Church Data Storage tutorial series, we are going to look at reports. 

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