We are a smaller, well-established congregation from Mt. Hamilton CRC looking for a full-time pastor to help us in our church move to Mount Hope, ON.

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This may come as a surprise to you, but Jonah wasn’t really swallowed by a whale. I’ve also discovered some other fishy “facts” that need to be reeled in. Read on to see if any of these tall tales sound familiar.

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Country singer icon and Christian Johnny Cash was a prolific poet. Cash was not a bad theologian either. He bore it all for me...and you...

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Join a Christian Reformed World Missions missionary and fellow volunteers in teaching English and sharing the Gospel with children in Asia from July 11-30, 2017.

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As we go through Holy Week and celebrate Easter Sunday, I'd love to know: What traditions and/or parts of the week are most meaningful to you? 

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Rock and Roll and Food Trucks was easily the largest outreach event that Faith Community has undertaken in the last twenty years. It grew out of the ideas and culture cultivated by the Church Renewal Lab. 

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Godly leaders and Christ-centered congregations always want to move towards a God’s-preferred future. Here are two questions to get your congregation started on the journey. 

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Participating in Assault Awareness Month is not nearly as difficult or uncomfortable as many assume. How will your church make survivors feel safe this month?

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The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship has compiled a list of songs to shape Holy Week. 

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Being the granddaughter of Dutch immigrants and a teacher on the Six Nations reserve, I knew that this wampum was important.

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Every night I put God’s name on my son. And every night he puts God’s name on me. Such a beautiful blessing.

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The missional focus challenges church practices that mimic consumerism and result, intentionally or not, in the church as a vendor of religious services. 

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I am really wrestling with what to do with all my books. I guess I could box and store them, but is there another option?

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Avenue church isn’t a service provider, they’re a neighbor. “Where I worship, where I live, where I pray—all this can happen together. It doesn’t have to be separated,” says pastor Aaron Au.

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We love a good story. We love to pray. How about combining Bible stories and our prayers? Paul Ryan and Lester Ruth have developed this into a meaningful practice with youth. 

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I usually enjoy an opportunity to be with the kids but on this day I was near the end of my rope and they were too. Though I wish they'd been easier on me, I'm grateful for the reminder that these kids have complex lives, too.

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I've spent plenty of time with other ministry leaders bemoaning the impact of the "fear of missing out" (FOMO). I'm done bemoaning this reality and instead want to ask: How can we find freedom from this idol?

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Inspired by the YWCA's national Stand Against Racism campaign, Calvin College and The Office of Race Relations are hosting a worship service on Wednesday, April 19. 

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We hope you and your congregation are blessed and challenged by these worship resources, prepared by the Canadian Aboriginal Ministry Committee. 

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Any month is a good time to focus on safe church ministry, but April provides some special opportunities to connect with your congregation.

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Here are 10 suggestions for recognizing your volunteers and showing them your appreciation.

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