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As Kizzy Thomas took the stage at Inspire 2017 and shared her art with us all, I was left wondering why we don’t use [spoken word poetry] more often. Do you incorporate spoken word poetry in worship at your church?

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The congregation of Spring Lake CRC is seeking a full-time pastor.

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We are excited to introduce to you the newest member of our Faith Formation Ministries team: Kristen Rietkerk. Kristen serves as a Regional Catalyzer in California.

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IN: Synod

During Synod 2017, The Network will be selecting a “Tweet of the Day” to be featured, as well as 2 honorable mentions! Could it be your tweet? 

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Whoever designed the first Cracker Barrel restaurant was a genius. Everything in that place screams, "Welcome, we’ve been expecting you!" We are invited to come in and rest our travel worn bones for awhile.

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For international relief and development staff working with communities on the front lines of climate change, the compounding effects of a slight increase in sea level or temperature can mean the difference between success and famine.

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What stood out to me most is how World Renew strives to help the people who are most vulnerable – many of the families we learned about could not afford home insurance or were not able to qualify for assistance from the government.

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Twice a month I have the honor of leading worship for over twenty adults living with a developmental disability and often physical disabilities. I tell God’s stories using Children and Worship materials.

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Sometimes I wonder if the struggles the CRC is facing are meant to kindle our imaginations so that we’ll be able to see a new thing that God has for us. What if God has brought us here – into this humbling confusion – to open our eyes?

June 7, 2017 402 1 2 comments

Last night was my first meeting as a deacon and I was extremely impressed with how the Lord has placed these men in this precious role in the church. I'm excited and ask for prayer as I trust the Lord in this new role.  

June 7, 2017 93 0 1 comments

I am looking for a sample contract or letter of call for a youth leader that we are hoping to hire soon. Do you have one to share? 

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Join us for a free screening of the From the Ashes documentary, Monday, June 19, 7p.m., at Monroe Community Church.

June 7, 2017 85 1 2 comments

These Continuing Education pages are organized by the Five Callings that the CRC has adopted and are designed to assist pastors and councils make plans for ongoing learning. 

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What concrete steps can each congregation be doing to make your church a safer place? These ten guidelines, developed by Safe Church Ministry in partnership with Faith Formation Ministries, offer a helpful place to start.

June 6, 2017 311 2 2 comments

Several boxes of grey Psalter Hymnals are available from Grandville, MI.

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In the midst of Family Jeopardy, photo scavenger hunts, and watching kids connect with extended family members, we took time to intentionally talk about how God has been with us and faithful to his promises.

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A couple girls saw Thayer’s dilemma and pointed out to him a few other apples hanging closer. “Get this one, Thayer. It’s a beauty!” But Thayer would not be swayed from his chosen apple.

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Are you hoping to do some reading this summer? If so, what books are on the top of your list? 

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Calling all pastors! Have you ever talked about creation care or climate change from the pulpit? We encourage you to participate in the Creation Care Preaching Challenge.

June 2, 2017 207 1 1 comments

Bethlehem CRC in Thunder Bay, Ontario is looking for a full-time pastor.

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Join World Renew and other ministries of the Christian Reformed Church to be inspired, and discover new ways of doing ministry with your local and global community.

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