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At the CRC’s Centre for Public Dialogue, we often speak with people about the importance of active citizenship, because we know this is an important part of Christian’s calling to be salt and light. During the upcoming 43rd Federal Election we encourage you to ask good questions. Your representative can’t represent you well if they don’t hear from you. 

And numbers support this. A simple formula in advocacy circles is this, 5 letters represent 500 people, 1 visit represents 1000 people. If it’s through a Facebook message, email, or at a town hall we encourage you to contact candidates so that your convictions will be heard.

Sometimes getting started seems like the hardest step. So we’ve put together meaningful questions that we’ll be asking candidates along with our partners. Follow us on social media and help us share biblical concerns with our government by sharing a question that’s meaningful to you or going with a friend to an event.

Not sure who’s running in your area? It’s as easy as typing in your postal code.  

Here's our questions; feel free to share them widely using the photos below or copy and pasting the text.  

  • What measures do you propose to care for and protect the environment both in Canada and globally? (Center for Public Dialogue

  • How will you approach the development of green jobs across Canada? Through what mechanisms will you support workers (and their communities) through this transition? (Citizens for Public Justice)

  • Churches play an important role in Canada’s program of private refugee sponsorship, for example in Syrian Refugee resettlement efforts. How can government and church work together more effectively? (Evangelical Fellowship of Canada)

  • If elected, how will you uphold the dignity and human rights of refugees and help Canadians understand how refugees, as part of Canada’s nation-building history, have benefited Canada? (The Canadian Refugee Sponsorship Agreement Holders Association)

  • What do you think are the most important steps toward reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and how can we move forward more effectively on those? (Evangelical Fellowship of Canada)

  • How will you work with the government for equity and justice in Indigenous education. . . specifically, what steps will be taken to implement TRC Calls to Action 7-10? (Center for Public Dialogue

  • Given the expansion and construction of Israeli settlements in Palestine, how can Canada, a self-proclaimed ally of Israel and friend to Palestinians, raise these concerns and support a just and sustainable peace through our bilateral and multilateral relations? (Mennonite Central Committee)

  • How will you and your party respond to the 231 calls for justice espoused by the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls as well as its finding that Canada’s treatment of missing and murdered cases has amounted to a genocide?  (The Canadian Council of Churches)

  • What will you do to ensure that Canadians in our community and in our country have access to affordable housing? (Do Justice Blog - Jennifer Lucking)

  • Build your own! We'd love to hear what you're asking this election season.  


Or watch our election questions through the videos below! 

Shannon Perez - Asking Good Questions this Election Season

Cindy Stover - Asking Good Questions the Election Season

Mike Hogeterp - Asking Good Questions this Election Season

Lisa Magliocco - Asking Good Questions this Election Season

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I believe it will be important to ensure we have a robust health system. If elected what will you do to support patient centered care in the home- especially Palliative and complex continuing care? What action will your party take to ensure increased funding to front line health providers where they can have the most impact on care outcomes for Ontarians? How will you support sustainability of health care workers providing care outside  the hospital? ( equity in pay for caregivers in community care, public health) 

what action will your party take to resolve the red tape: waiting list for surgical procedures ( closed OR suites and beds) and reduce unnecessary patient suffering, prolonging hospitalizations and resulting in poorer post op outcomes? Also how will you resolve the present health crisis regarding long term care and community care that is so Bound by regulation and documentation time delegates by the LHINs that actual care hours to patients are Drastically reduced to unsafe levels?

What is your party doing to ensure sanctity of life is being protected for the most vulnerable? ( very old, very young, Palliative patients not coerced to accept MAID or feel it is the only option to prevent suffering? Coercion to accept abortion as the only provided alternative for an unexpected pregnancy?


Hi Patricia,  Thank you for your thoughtful questions!  We're so encouraged that you're thinking deeply about what you want to see your representative speak into.  If you'd like to have more resources about connecting with your MP post election please get in touch at publ[email protected] 

I have received a lot of issues and questions from many Christian organizations. In our riding there are only three candidates. Conservative - a sitting member who does not bother to answer any of my e-mails, A Liberal whose background organizations he works or volunteers for is excellent and the PPC whose facebook comments I find are horrible.  I have sent all three the following and I expect little if no answer.  - August Guillaume 


How will you ensure that people in Canada can retain trust in the integrity of the democratic process in the face of those attempting to spread misinformation?

Some groups are being silenced by party apparatus (eg. Abortion discussions); How will you take responsibility for cultivating a more respectful state of democracy and public dialogue in Canada?


Canada now has a federal Poverty Reduction Strategy. What will you and your party do to advance and strengthen the current federal strategy and ensure it is effective? How will you, and your party, support a national housing strategy? A national early childhood education and care strategy? Improved income supports for Canadians living in poverty? How will you, and your party, address the growth of precarious employment and the widespread change in stable employment for Canadians?


How will you work to ensure Canadian public policy leads us to meet and surpass the Paris Accord emissions targets and do our part to keep global warming below a 1.5 degree rise in global average temperatures? What is your and your party’s plan to establish more stringent and ambitious emission targets? What will you and your party do to put a price on carbon emissions, develop and promote a national renewable energy policy, end fossil fuel subsidies, and encourage the creation of an increasing number of high-quality, sustainable jobs in the renewable energy sector?


How will you and your party guarantee that all asylum seekers, refugee claimants, and refugees who arrive in Canada are treated fairly and protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms once they arrive in Canada? How will you, and your party, work globally with others to address the causes of displacement abroad?


How will you and your party work to respect and protect the fundamental right to freedom of expression and freedom of religion across Canada? How will you and your party promote the freedom of belief in both private and public life? How will you and your party take action against intolerance and expressions of hate?


God is the creator of life and requires that all human life be protected, from conception to natural death. Canada is the only country in the world with no laws restricting abortion. There is no Charter right to abortion. In fact, the courts have consistently said that Parliament has a legitimate interest in protecting the pre-born child. What is your party’s plans to protect the pre-born child?


What is your and your party’s position on euthanasia and assisted suicide, support of Paliative care?


Please define Sexuality. Is it a social construct defined by people, or is it something inherent when you are born?


Please describe your and your party’s position on the Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise (CORE).


Please describe your party’s position on public or private health systems.


Please describe your party’s position on using omnibus bills to hide what may be unpopular policy changes.


Will you and your party pursue a policy leading to the Government of Canada acceding to the international Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW)? How will you and your party work to ensure that Canada takes a lead in international diplomacy to ban and then eliminate nuclear weapons within the next decade?

How will you and your party work towards requiring the Government of Canada to take all measures necessary to ensure that the laws of Canada are in harmony with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a framework for reconciliation? How will you and your party work to implement the 94 Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission?

How will you and your party strengthen the National Action Plan on Human Trafficking, including preventing sexual exploitation, prosecuting perpetrators, and protecting the rights of children, women, and men who have been exploited? How will you and your party respond to the 231 calls for justice espoused by the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls as well as its finding that Canada’s treatment of missing and murdered cases has amounted to a genocide?


Hi August,

We're so glad you've reached out to those running in your riding.  We'd love to hear how it goes if you hear back!  ([email protected])  Have you considered going to a town hall where you could potentially ask one of these questions in person?