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“Christian investing is...about participating in and empowering the businesses and endeavors that are good for people, culture, and the broader environment.” Troy Bierma

How do we engage in socially responsible investing? To find avenues for ethical investments requires asking the right questions,comparing options and determining priorities. If you’re serious about making your money count for good, the time put into acquiring this knowledge will help lay the foundation for impactful money decisions.

To help you learn how to better invest for good, Climate Witness Project is hosting a webinar covering Sustainable Investing on May 26th, from 8-9pm EST.  This webinar will consider the pathways available to churches, congregations and individuals who are looking for ways to get started in sustainable investing.

Topics covered will include:

  • perspectives on investing as a person of faith
  • common terminologies and potential pitfalls of green investing
  • the impact investments could have on the environment and corporate behavior

We’ll also hold a question and answer session at the end of the webinar so you can learn more on issues that impact your personal situation. 

Cyprian of Carthage admonishes us, “The property of the wealthy holds them in chains . . . which shackle their courage and choke their faith and hamper their judgment and throttle their souls.”

By making the choice to move our investments, we’re working to undo the damage of corporate greed and to love our neighbors through our financial choices. Join us on May 26th to learn how to use our money for good through ethical investing. 

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