Understanding Our Climate Crisis


The "Understanding Our Climate Crisis" lecture series was led by Dr. Henry Brouwer, regional coordinator for the CRC Climate Witness Project. Dr. Brouwer attends Meadowlands CRC in Hamilton, Ontario. 

This lecture series is part of a campaign put together by the CRC Office of Social Justice, The Center for Public Dialogue, and World Renew. The series was designed to help congregations as they learn about the realities of climate change, seek to be better stewards of the resources given, and as they find their voice to speak to public officials about common sense climate policy that will benefit the earth, people around the world who are poor and vulnerable, and future generations. 

You can view the full length lectures, detailed slide information, and a full list of energy saving suggestions below.  

Additional Resources:

  • 10 Ways to Care for Creation handout 
  • Looking to better understand how climate change impacts poor and vulnerable communities? View the Bangladesh video series.  
  • For more information on advocating for policies that care for creation: 
  • Additional Links from Dr. Henry Brouwer
    • There are a multitude of sites dealing with climate change on the web – be very critical of what you come across. Many of these are politically motivated.
      • A recent article by Katherine Hayhoe on Climate change and Evangelical Christians in the NY Times. She is a Christian and Canadian atmospheric scientist and professor of political science at Texas Tech University, where she is director of the Climate Science Center and has spoken extensively about climate change to many groups.

      • Kathherine Hayhoe's website - You can find her TED talk here as well as the series “Climate Shorts” that she did with PBS

      • Yale Climate Connections  This site has many articles on recent developments in climate studies from around the world. You can also subscribe (free) to weekly updates – it's one way that I try to keep current.

      • CBC has also been doing a series on climate change, called In my Backyard: Climate Change. You can subscribe to weekly updates at this site. Usually interesting articles with a Canadian focus.

Can You Help Me to Understand Climate Change? - Lecture 1

How Do Higher Temperatures Impact Creation? - Lecture 2

Why is Climate Change so Controversial? Lecture 3

What does our country need to do to combat climate change? - Lecture 4

What are solutions to the climate crisis? - Lecture 5

What are solutions to the climate crisis? Part 2 - Lecture 6

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