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Does your theology drive your search process for a pastor or staff members?  My church is currently accepting applications for two full-time staff positions.  Someone may ask: "We have a person in a different position at church--why can't they just move into the new Community/Member Life position?" or " We have an interim person in the Discipleship position who is doing a great job--why can't we just hire them for the new Discipleship/Spiritual Formation position?"

We have a search process for a purpose:  a well-defined process helps us as a church to discern God's will.  If we just hired a person, we would be hiring in our "human ways" rather than specifically seeking God's will by opening up the positions to see what God desires.  We hope and pray that we as a church are following His will and that this process may honor God. We ask for his blessing and pray for His discernment. 

Does your search process fit with your theology?  We all hope to honor God in the process but our sinfulness gets in the way so easily.  We need to continue to pray for God's leading to keep us on the right path. 

Share how your search process followed your theology.

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You are right Sheri, The "process" also makes sence from the humanistic point of view. I like your approach in seeking God"s wisdom with humility. God bless

i like the way your church is seeking to earnestly follow Christ.


however, i do worry that creating "humanistic" v. "God" distinctions as you have restrict God from operating in very normal, human ways... does not the Holy Spirit put within us knowledge of who's right for a job, of how to discern good leaders, or how to best follow him?


i think we need to trust that God has been involved from the very beginning with us, and promises to continue to lead as we make wise choices for church leadership (and other important decisions...).


God is the giver of all gifts, including discernment.

Hi Forbes.  I see your point and you are correct wisdom is from Holy Spirit and God uses human actions to His liking. I think she was after a nuance that sometimes the Spirit goes against logical human thought. or the group think of us. You are correct about God being in all the process from beginning to end. Discernment is a gift that tells us to be ojective about ourselves you have realize your not objective.  Thanks for the discussion What wonderful Creator we serve. peace be with you

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Thanks for your comments.  Sometimes as our team works I have to take a minute and make sure I am not just thinking what makes sense to me but "is this what would honor God."  We pray for His guidance and believe He guides but I try to also not lose my focus on His leading at that very minute.

Sheri, If I said something wrong please forgive me. Please tell me what I did if so. I will make amends. thanks Ken