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What questions do you have about communication, technology, marketing, or best practices during the coronavirus pandemic? How can we help?

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Hey folks,

Here in Ontario Canada we now have a ban on gatherings of more than 50 people.

Instead of 6 services with start times staggered across 3 sanctuaries,  our services are now online only.  So the worship and teaching ministry teams now put on one service to an empty sanctuary and then the service is broadcast online twice.  While playing (I'm a bass player), instead of focusing on leading the congregation, we try to focus on the cameras, i.e. the online congregation.  They were always there of course, we've just never focused on them.  I think it's especially difficult for our teaching pastors when they deliver the Word because there's no one to laugh at their jokes :-)

All weekly gatherings at the church have been suspended.  I haven't heard an announcement yet in regard to life groups which usually meet in people's homes.

The teaching pastors are now putting out a daily 5 minute devotional video.  That's a good idea and they've been really good so far.

I expect that this will be extended until the summer when hopefully transmission of the virus is curbed.




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Hey John,

Thanks for the comment!

I think finding ways to utilize the technology at our disposal is not only a great idea, it's a necessity. We should be thinking about creating online/digital-first content right now, instead of trying to mold a new medium to the old way of doing things. The daily devotional is a great way to engage people throughout the week!