Does Anyone Have Ebooks in Their Church Library?


I find more and more people turning to e-readers and was wondering if the church libraries could tap into this market and how it would work. Thoughts? 

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We have deliberately chosen not to go that route, for several reasons.

One is that our church has a lot of people who like to borrow books, so we have lots of traffic and our usage is always pretty high.

But a bigger reason is that I have watched my husband try to borrow ebooks from our local village library and it was a pain. Maybe the technology has improved now, as it has been a while since he did it, but it has kind of turned us off the idea.


Either way, at the church library we are busy enough with the physical space, books, dvds and audiobooks that we have not felt the need to expand in this way.  However, I can see that if a library doesn't have much traffic it might be a good way to spend part of the budget.