A Denomination-Wide Video Contest


I was surfing the web earlier today, looking at the state of church websites. I came across Woodside Bible Chapel which contained a rather unique video to promote their church's ministries. You can check it out by going to www.woodsidechurch.ca, go to Our Ministries and watch the video. It is engaging and it makes me want to visit that church ... just to catch the enthusiasm. It is clearly seen as a 'tool for evangelism' or, at minimum, community engagement.

I've been musing about having a classis-wide competition to see which church could produce the best, most original video. A specific month could be designated when all of the scriptwriting and filming needs to take place. And why not make it a denomination-wide project? There is something unifying about the realization that every church in the denomination — or classis, if you want to think small — is engaged in creating a video about who they are.

Imagine suddenly having hundreds of churches posting their videos on their websites, and the massive numbers of hits as we all determine whose is the best!

Denominational unity via YouTube.

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That's a fun video. I wish I could make something like that ...without it coming off as hokey and/or tacky. =) I'm sure there are people throughout the denomination who are up for such a task, and I'd love to see they come up with! ~Stan