Do Any of You Have a Job Description for a Council Chair and Council Clerk? Eg. Who Sets the Agenda?


Just wondering in the matter of agenda items, the order, and what is included and what is rejected, what is the role of the chair and what is the role of the clerk. Just wondering.

- Vern

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Vern, as President of the Council, I always prepared the agenda and distributed it to the council members on the Sunday preceeding the meeting with all reports attached. The expectation was that all members came prepared to act, having read all the information. I followed a simple agenda:
Welcome and opening remarks
Opening prayer (by Pastor)
Minutes of last meeting
Clerk reads all correspondence
Pastor's activity report
Staff reports - sometimes oral, typically written
Deacon's report
Elder's report
Treasurer's report
Committee reports
Any new business
Closing prayer by a member

Regarding "new business", immediately after the opening prayer I request ANY mattsr that is not on the agenda that any member woukd like to discuss. This enables all members to give some mental thought in advance to these matters).

Sorry, no job descriptions...

Our council agendas include much the same topics/information as the description given by James. Our President of Council sets the agenda and runs the meeting. Meeting agendas and other relevant information are distributed by email and hard copy on the Friday before the meeting (most people pick up their printouts on Sunday.) The Clerk records the meeting minutes and distributes those. Our Clerk also has an archive of minutes and decisions and is often the person called on to research questions about past events/decisions. We also have an office of "Vice-All". In the absence of either Council President or Clerk, the Vice-All will fill in.